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Mighty Rabbit Studios

Saturday Morning RPG was recently confirmed for Switch, and it was notable for two reasons. For one thing, it was announced as Limited Run Games’ first title for the console, meaning it will be receiving a physical release. It’s also a new game for the system – and a pretty good one at that.

Josh Fairhurst, the boss of Mighty Rabbit Studios, has actually been wanting to make a sequel to Saturday Morning RPG. And if it does well on Switch, that could pave the way for a sequel.

Fairhurst recently tweeted:


Limited Run Games has finally announced its first game for Switch – and it’s an entirely new one. Saturday Morning RPG will release on Nintendo’s console, the company has revealed.

Saturday Morning RPG is planned to arrive on Switch this spring both physically and digitally. For the physical version, it will be sold exclusive on the Limited Run Games online store.

Mighty Rabbit Studios has confirmed plans to bring Saturday Morning RPG to the Wii U. The episodic role-playing game is already available on several platforms like iOS devices, though the eShop version should offer a few unique elements.

Mighty Rabbit Studios told Nintendo Force this month that the title will include a number of Wii U-exclusive battle objects that “play entirely to the GamePad’s strengths.” The developer is tinkering around with one idea – an homage to Presto Magix – in which players “have to use the GamePad screen to rub an attack into existence.” Off-TV play is also supported.

Saturday Morning RPG should be hitting Wii U in Q4 2014. At launch, players can get their hands on the first five full episodes from the iPhone version. A sixth episode will be made available for free through a future update.

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