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Limited Run Games

Shadowrun Trilogy physical

Shadowrun Trilogy is receiving a physical release on Switch, Limited Run Games announced today.

Like many of its offerings, fans can choose between a standard edition and collector’s edition. If you opt for the latter, you’ll be given various extras including a pin, official soundtrack on CD, steelbook, and poster.

Oceanhorn 2 physical

Limited Run Games today announced plans to produce a physical version of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm on Switch.

Only a standard copy will be available. However, Limited Run is also planning the Oceanhorn fan bundle, which includes a copy of Oceanhorn and Oceanhorn 2 in an Arcadian slipcase (also available separately).

Enclave HD collector's edition

Limited Run Games has provided details about its physical release of Enclave HD on Switch, which will include a collector’s edition.

Plans for boxed copies were announced this past summer. However, specifics weren’t shared at the time. We now know that two versions are in the works.

Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection II physical

Limited Run Games is preparing a physical release for Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection II on Switch, the company announced today.

Along with a standard edition, a collector’s edition will be up for grabs. The collector’s edition includes extra goodies like art cards, acrylic standees, and a metal pin.

River City Girls 2 Special Edition

Limited Run Games has provided details about its physical release plans for River City Girls 2.

A standard release will be available alongside the Classic Edition and Ultimate Edition. With the Classic Edition, fans will receive a retro-style box, two-disc soundtrack, and double-sided poster featuring a world map. The Ultimate Edition contains everything in the Classic Edition plus a sticker pack, talking Beeboo plush, digital download code, and more.

Go! Go! Kokopolo Collector's Edition

Limited Run Games has shared details about the Go! Go! Kokopolo physical release on 3DS after it was first revealed in June.

Go! Go! Kokopolo – Harmonious Forest Revenge (2011) and Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D – Space Recipe For Disaster will be sold both standalone and as a Dual Pack. Additionally, a collector’s edition is in the works that contains the games on separate cartridges, a dual pack slipcover, original CD soundtrack, sticker sheets, and commemorative metal coin.

DoDonPachi Resurrection Collector's Edition

Limited Run Games announced a physical release of DoDonPachi Resurrection on Switch in June, but didn’t share any details. Today, however, the company has followed up with specifics.

DoDonPachi Resurrection will be sold in three different versions: standalone, the Steelbook Edition, and Collector’s Edition. Each copy of the Collector’s Edition includes the game, slipcover, steelbook, chiptune arrangement album, and a 18″ x 24″ poster.

Being Home Alone with You is Worse Than Death

Limited Run Games has revealed Being Home Alone with You is Worse Than Death, a physical release for Switch containing three games. Home: Postmortem Edition, Alone with You, and Worse than Death will all be sold together on a single cartridge.

Worse Than Death first came to Switch in October 2019. Home: Postmortem Edition followed in October 2020, and Alone with You rounded things out in July 2021. Each one has only been sold digitally thus far.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Master Edition

Limited Run Games has shared details about the physical release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on Switch, which was originally confirmed in June. Three different versions are planned.

Fans can pick up a standard edition, Premium Edition, or Master Edition. The Premium Edition includes a physical copy of the game for Switch, collector’s edition box, steelbook, reversible poster, character concept art cards, G0-T0 enamel pin, commemorative coin, and certificate of authenticity. The Master Edition has everything from the Premium Edition plus its own collector’s box, throwback case (holds a Switch case), Korriban concept art lithograph, Darth Nihilus miniature hilt replica, premium foil hardcover strategy guide, Pazaak playing mat, and player 2 Pazaak deck.

Frogun collector's edition

Frogun was already confirmed for physical release on Switch following an announcement last month, but Limited Run Games has now shared details as to what’s planned – and there’ll even be a collector’s edition.

Like a number of the company’s offerings, fans will be able to choose between two versions of Frogun. Both a standard edition and collector’s edition will be offered. The latter version contains a soundtrack, artbook, sticker sheet, and reversible poster.

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