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Deep in the pages of the latest Game Informer lies something that gets Wii owners very excited; Punch-Out!! Info. The most recent issue of the magazine previews two new characters, both of which are from classic Punch-Out!! games: Bear Hugger and Don Flamenco.

Don Flamenco

– First seen in Punch-Out!! (Arcade and NES)
– Taunts you into fighting, then counters with a “maraca uppercut”
– Don will taunt with an “Uno, Dos, Tres”, (One, Two, Three) and then unleash three hooks followed by an uppercut
– Knock off Don’s toupee to really get him mad

Bear Hugger

– First seen in Super Punch Out!! (Arcade and SNES)
– Often shows off his belly moves
– His bear hug makes a return
– Still makes his raspberry face