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During Piston Hondo’s rematch fight in Punch-Out!! on Wii, the character is shown reading manga. While it can’t be seen very well, believe it or not, early copies of the game actually included images from Sailor Moon. That seemingly innocent Easter egg apparently resulted in a messy situation for developer Next Level Games and Nintendo.

Shesez, known for his Boundary Break YouTube series, mentions that the game’s art director ultimately signed off on the idea despite initial reservations. Because of its release also being so close, the Sailor Moon Easter egg was left in. Removing it may have caused a delay.

Nintendo originally brought Punch-Out!! to the NES back in 1987, making the game nearly three decades old. Even though it’s been around for ages, new secrets still continue to appear. In 2009 for example, one undiscovered tidbit was shared in an Iwata Asks discussion. Reddit user midwesternhousewives now appears to have come across a new Easter egg.

In the second Piston Honda fight, a visual cue from one of the spectators indicates when the player should throw a punch to knock out their opponent with a single punch. This also works during Bald Bull’s charge attack in his second fight. As soon as the bearded man ducks, that’s when you should go in for your attack.

Players had previously known about being able to take down Honda with a one-punch KO. The new trick here is the visual cue.

Here’s the explanation from midwesternhousewives:

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Punch-Out!! is the second Wii game to be released on the North American Wii U eShop. If you plan on picking up the game today, make sure you have 3805 MB of free space available.

You can purchase Punch-Out!! at a launch price of $9.99 for the next week.

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ON THIS EPISODE: A discussion about Austin’s thoughts on Punch Out!! turns into a very extensive look at “top down” vs. “bottom up” development and whether hard games are inherently too inaccessible to be considered widely influential art.

PLUS: Laura says something that lights Austin’s fuse and an intense discussion about the morality of “free to play” games ensues. It’s a big’un, so get ready.

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Deep in the pages of the latest Game Informer lies something that gets Wii owners very excited; Punch-Out!! Info. The most recent issue of the magazine previews two new characters, both of which are from classic Punch-Out!! games: Bear Hugger and Don Flamenco.

Don Flamenco

– First seen in Punch-Out!! (Arcade and NES)
– Taunts you into fighting, then counters with a “maraca uppercut”
– Don will taunt with an “Uno, Dos, Tres”, (One, Two, Three) and then unleash three hooks followed by an uppercut
– Knock off Don’s toupee to really get him mad

Bear Hugger

– First seen in Super Punch Out!! (Arcade and SNES)
– Often shows off his belly moves
– His bear hug makes a return
– Still makes his raspberry face