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Nintendo just announced the Wii Shop Channel service will be ending on January 31st, 2019. You are able to add funds to the channel until March 27th, 2018. You will no longer be able to buy games through the Wii or the Wii U after this date.



Deep in the pages of the latest Game Informer lies something that gets Wii owners very excited; Punch-Out!! Info. The most recent issue of the magazine previews two new characters, both of which are from classic Punch-Out!! games: Bear Hugger and Don Flamenco.

Don Flamenco

– First seen in Punch-Out!! (Arcade and NES)
– Taunts you into fighting, then counters with a “maraca uppercut”
– Don will taunt with an “Uno, Dos, Tres”, (One, Two, Three) and then unleash three hooks followed by an uppercut
– Knock off Don’s toupee to really get him mad

Bear Hugger

– First seen in Super Punch Out!! (Arcade and SNES)
– Often shows off his belly moves
– His bear hug makes a return
– Still makes his raspberry face


The most recent update to the “Expanded Information” section of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 Wii page contains an interesting new detail; the game is reportedly going to include an all-new disk golf mode, where players can apparently play disk golf on all 27 courses included in the main game.

If this is true, I think it is safe to expect that the extra mode will be using WiiMotion Plus and will have multi-player support.

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