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Notion Games

Two upcoming games from Notion Games are getting an indie crossover collaboration. Syrek from Varia Games’ ReVeN will be featured in both Up Up Ubie Remix and Team Notion.

Notion announced today’s news on Twitter, writing:


Notion Games shared new details about Up Up Ubie Remix in a website posting today. We’ve rounded up the information below.

– Originally released in early 2012
– Will have a bunch of elements not in the original version
– The game will feel a lot more hectic to those that are good enough to get that far
– Pacing has been improved in terms of speed/difficulty
– Unlockable characters and stages are back
– More characters will be added in as updates
– Cross promotion characters planned
– Syrek from Varia Games’ “Reven” will make an appearance in the future
– Pure Nintendo Magazine’s character (Pure Nintendo Man) will be in the game as well
– Honey Bee also included
– Honey Bee will have challenges for the player to complete and will reward players with additional coins to use for in-game boosts and unlocking characters and stages
– More enjoyable and more replay value than the original
– Will be out very soon on Wii U
– Testing and seeing if there are any problems with the Wii U version currently


Notion Games has announced a final name for Super Ubie Land on Wii U. Going forward, it’ll be known as “Super Ubie Island”.

Interestingly, Nintendo appears to have requested the latest name change. Notion speculates that the Big N may have thought Super Ubie Land would have been too similar to Super Mario 3D Land.

Super Ubie Land has been out on several platforms for a few months, but there hasn’t been much news regarding the Wii U version. That’s changed today thanks to an update from Notion Games.

Super Ubie Land will arrive on the eShop in early 2014, the studio has confirmed on Twitter. Notion hopes to wrap up development by Christmas. Before it lands on Wii U, Super Ubie Land will see another name change.


Notion Games, developer of Super Ubie Land, has officially revealed its next project for the Wii U: “Team Notion”. It’s planned for the eShop as well as PS Vita.

Team Notion actually started out as a Kickstarter initiative close to two years ago, but work on the title has apparently just begun. The project is a 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up featuring co-op gameplay, unlockable moves for the various characters, and more.