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Old School Musical

With Old School Musical joining the Switch eShop today, Playism and La Moutarde have prepared a launch trailer. We have it below.

Game Informer has an early look at Old School Musical ahead of its September 13 release. Check out some footage below.

Playdius and La Moutarde have set a release date for Old School Musical. The rhythm game is coming to Switch on September 13, the two companies announced today. It can be pre-loaded today for $12.99 via the eShop.

Old School Musical “invites players to revisit the golden age of gaming with a rocking retro soundtrack and levels inspired by 8-bit era classics.” Continue on below for more details and a new trailer.

The retro rhythm game Old School Musical was on display at GDC 2018 last week with its latest demo build. For a look at the title, watch the video below.