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Pinball FX3

Pinball FX3 landed on Switch this week, but there’s room for improvement from a technical standpoint. The good news is that Zen Studios is working on things.

On Twitter, the developer said that it’s planning a patch so that Zen Pinball FX3 will run at 60 frames per second in handheld more. Resolution should be increased to 1080p when docked as well.

Zen Studios told one fan:


In conjunction with the release of Pinball FX3 on Switch, Zen Studios has brought out a Carnivals and Legends table available for free. Check out a trailer for the content below.

Zen Studios has prepared a launch trailer for Pinball FX3 on Switch. Take a look at the new video below.

Next week, Zen Studios is publishing Pinball FX3 on Switch. Have a look at some footage below.

Zen Studios has determined a new release date for Pinball FX3. The game will be published on the eShop on December 12.

While this is several weeks later than what was initially planned, Zen Studios took the extra time to make a number of improvements. You’ll now be able to hold the screen vertically in your hands when only one Joy-Con is attached instead of two. HD Rumble and vertical orientation are also supported.

Source: Zen Studios PR

A few days ago, Zen Studios hosted a live stream on Facebook. The event gave us a look at Pinball FX3 running on Switch, and the team answered a few questions from fans. Watch the full recording below.

Pinball FX3 was originally supposed to be out on Switch this week. Unfortunately, Zen Studios announced a last-minute delay. It will now debut on the eShop early next month.

Zen Studios explained the delay on its Twitter account this week. Functionality is being added in so that you can play vertically with a single Joy-Con. With support for HD Rumble also included, Zen Studios says Pinball FX3 will offer “an amazing, portable pinball experience.”

Zen Studios posted the following on Twitter:

Pinball FX3 was originally planned for a November 14 launch on Switch. Unfortunately, it’s seeing a last-minute delay.

Zen Studios will now be releasing Pinball FX3 sometime in December. A new release date “will be announced shortly,” the studio said.

Zen Studios did not provide a reason for the delay.

Source: Zen Studios PR

Pinball FX3 was announced for Switch yesterday, and it’s actually on display at Paris Games Expo this week. View some off-screen footage below.

Pinball FX3 is coming to Switch, Zen Studios has announced. The company intends to have the game ready on November 14.

On Switch, Pinball FX3 will have some exclusive features. Vertical play orientation and HD Rumble will be supported, too. With the inclusion of cross-play, Switch players can take on opponents competing on most other platforms where Pinball FX3 is available.

Pinball FX3 will be free to download with the Sorcerer’s Lair table. A total of thirty tables are available at launch, with more content and features planned for the future.

The following tables will be sold at launch: