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Racing Apex

Lucky Mountain Games confirmed over the weekend that its upcoming project Racing Apex will be on Switch. However, it hasn’t been cancelled for Wii U. According to the game’s developer, that version is still in the pipeline.


Lucky Mountain Games has been hard at work on a new indie racer known as Racing Apex. We covered the game last year, when the developer announced plans for a Wii U version. Things may have shifted though, as we’re now hearing that’s it’s planned for Switch.

Racing Apex doesn’t have a set release window just yet. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it sooner rather than later.

Thanks to sknygy for the tip.


Lucky Mountain Games has been plugging away at Racing Apex, a project that takes inspiration from early 3D polygon arcade titles. This new indie game features a variety of racers, modes, tracks, and items along with the ability to upgrade and repair your car.

There’s now great news for Wii U owners, as Lucky Mountain Games has confirmed plans for an eShop release. It’s due out on PC soon, so hopefully the Wii U version won’t be too far behind.

You can watch a couple of videos showing Racing Apex below. There’s also a lot of information on the official site here.