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Publisher RedDeerGames have announced that Ultreïa, a point-and-click adventure game that marks the debut of solo developer Olivier De Rop, will launch on Switch eShop on March 25. The game was released on Steam last year. Inspired by Grim Fandango and Machinarium and blending elements of both for a “dark cute” experience, the game will have players take on the role of a small robot in a story focusing on themes of life and death.

Find out more about the game and check out the announcement trailer below the break:

Boreal Tenebrae release date

Publisher RedDeerGames, along with developer Snot Bubbles Productions, have announced a final release date for the Switch version of Boreal Tenebrae. A release is planned for April 8, 2022.

The game was originally announced for Switch last June. However, a specific date wasn’t provided at the time. 

Boreal Tenebrae is said to be “a dark retro adventure in the style of 90s PlayStation 1 classics, with cartoonish graphics and synth wave music to deepen the atmosphere of horror.” More information can be found below.

Inukari: Chase of Deception gameplay

Gameplay has emerged for Inukari: Chase of Deception, a retro platforming experience. 18 minutes of footage has come in.

More information about Inukari: Chase of Deception can be found in the overview below.

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Einzelartig Games have announced that Inukari – Chase of Deception will release on Switch eShop later this week on March 18, and have shared a new trailer of the game. Players interested can find out more about the game and check out the new trailer below:

The sci-fi survival horror title Syndrome is almost here on Switch, and we have an early look with lots of gameplay. 13 minutes of footage has come in.

We have more information about Syndrome with the following overview:

Developer Camel 101 and publisher RedDeerGames have announced that sci-fi survival horror game Syndrome will be coming to Switch on March 11, and released a new trailer.

For more information about the game and the new trailer, see below.

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Istituto sull’Inquinamento Atmosferico – CNR have announced that Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure will be headed to the Switch eShop this week on March 4. A point and click adventure set in post-apocalyptic world, the game will see you embarking on a quest to transform your friend back into their true form after having been mutated by toxic pollution.

Find out more about the game below:

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Einzelartig Games have announced that Inukari – Chase of Deception will be coming to Switch. It is a retro-styled action platformer with an emphasis on smooth movement.

The game’s setting is that of a world where people have stopped respecting nature, causing disasters to occur across the land. Someone then lights a candle at the shrine of an ancient forest’s god, the main character. It’s their responsibility to restore order and peace, thereby connecting people back with nature and healing the world in the process.

Gem Wizards Tactics gameplay

The turn-based warfare title Gem Wizards Tactics arrived on Switch this week, and gameplay is now available. Those that are interested can check out 10 minutes of footage.

Here’s some information from the official eShop listing:

Following its release last week, some more gameplay has come in for Pendula Swing. We have 30 minutes of footage for the new point-and-click adventure game.

If you want to learn more about Pendula Swing, you can check out the following overview:

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