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detective di gameplay

New gameplay has come in for Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, Switch’s latest point-and-click adventure title. A half hour of footage is available.

Here’s an overview of Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders:

Developer Nupixo Games and publisher RedDeerGames have announced that Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders is launching on the Switch eShop tomorrow, December 3. Check out the new launch trailer below.

Kayko and Kokosh Switch

RedDeerGames has announced that a new game is in development for Switch based on Kayko and Kokosh. This ties in with the new animated series on Netflix that’s kicking off today.

Kayko and Kokosh is based on the Polish comic book written by Janusz Christa that features the adventures of two Slavic warriors, Kayko and Kokosh. RedDeerGames has confirmed that the upcoming Switch title ” will be a unique combination of the coloring book, interactive comic, and visual novel.” Former CD Projekt Red writer, Magdalena Kucenty, who was in charge of the script of The Witcher’s Gwent, is handling the new game’s plot.

Here’s some additional information:

Little Bug gameplay

The action platformer Little Bug just landed on Switch, and we now have gameplay. 12 minutes of footage is now available.

Here’s some additional information about Little Bug:

Little Bug trailer

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Buddy System have posted a launch trailer for Little Bug, their new action platformer. The title made its debut on Switch this week.

We’ve included more information about Little Bug below for those that missed our previous coverage.

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Nupixo Games have announced that metroidvania Trash Quest is coming to Switch next month. Check out an announcement trailer and an overview for the game below.

Nupixo Games and RedDeerGames have announced that their point and click adventure game, Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders is coming to the Switch eShop this December. Check out a trailer for the game and an overview below.

Little Bug

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Buddy System have announced Little Bug, an upcoming action platformer. The game has been confirmed for Switch where it will arrive digitally on November 26.

Little Bug tells the story about Nyah, a young girl who is lost in a dreamlike fantasy world. Nyah ends up here while making her way home from school. You’ll now need to help her escape the hostile world full of evil pink ghosts.

RedDeerGames and Amanita Design have announced that they are bringing Amanita Design’s puzzle game CHUCHEL to Switch sometime next year. Check out the trailer for the original PC/Mobile release along with an overview below.

Circa Infinity gameplay

The just-released circular platformer Circa Infinity made it to Switch yesterday, and if you’re interested in seeing what the title has to offer, you may be interested in a gameplay video that’s come in. 11 minutes of footage is now available.

Here’s some information about Circa Infinity:

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