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Several months ago, Wargroove developer Chucklefish announced a new project called Spellbound. Although the team is focusing on PC currently, it sounds like Switch could be a very realistic target platform. “We’re all massive fans of the Switch at Chucklefish, and would ideally see all of our major projects hitting the platform in the future,” studio founder Finn Brice told Redbull.

Spellbound is a “wizard-school sim” RPG inspired by the likes of Harry Potter, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and even Zelda for its combat. Brice says the game “revolves around your path through school, the relationships you build, and your mastery of the several schools of magic at your disposal.” You’ll build up your magical proficiency by taking on school projects like growing magical crops and creatures in herbology, meeting and befriending different characters, taking on quests, participating in dating and side activities, and more.


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