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Sunrise GP

Sunrise GP gameplay

We’ve got a good look at Sunrise GP on Switch thanks to new gameplay. 19 minutes of footage shows off the arcade racer from Gamedust and Garage 5.

Additional information about is available in the following overview:

Gamedust and Garage 5 have passed along a final release date for Sunrise GP, their new racer. It will be launching on April 20, 2023.

The title was announced for Switch just over a year ago. It was originally planned for 2022, but it seems that some extra time was needed in the end.

Sunrise GP

Publisher Gamedust and developer Garage 5 have announced Sunrise GP, a new arcade racing game for Switch. It’s currently targeting launch for later in 2022.

Sunrise GP has a cartoonish look with “fun with bright and pastel colors, mixing themes of racing and traveling in one entertaining package.” In the single-player Grand Prix campaign, players will compete for victory in a series of races and challenges with various vehicles that are unique in terms of their handling and acceleration. Other features include a split-screen local multiplayer mode that supports up to four people, a challenge mode, quick race for “short bust game sessions”, and a Photo Mode in which players can capture their own shots.

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