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Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition gameplay

A good chunk of gameplay has emerged for Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition. Footage gives us a good look at the updated 360-degree combat flight simulator.

Further information can be found in the following overview:

Terminal Velocity Boosted Edition trailer

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition was brought to Switch this week as an updated version of the original game, and we have a launch trailer.

Here’s an official overview with a bunch of details:

Terminal Velocity Boosted Edition

Original (3/4): According to an eShop listing, Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition is making its way to Switch. A release is planned for March 14, 2023.

Terminal Velocity, which originally launched in 1995, is a 360-degree combat flight simulator. This time around it’s been redone with the Infernal Engine,” rendering the original graphics with an improved HUD for widescreen displays”.

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