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The latest update for Youtubers Life 2 is here, as Raiser Games and Uplay Online have readied version 1.2.3. It focuses on improving game stability as well as addressing some of the most common issues.

The full patch notes for the Youtubers Life 2 version 1.2.3 update are as follows:

A physical version of Youtubers Life 2 is on the way, various retailer listings reveal. It’s tentatively planned for release on February 8.

Youtubers Life 2 originally appeared on Switch back in October. However, it had not seen a physical release until now.

Here’s some information about the game:

A new update recently came to Youtubers Life 2 on Switch, bringing the game to version It addresses some of the more frequently reported issues since the game’s launch and introduces further improvements to stability and gaming experience.

The full patch notes for the Youtubers Life 2 version update are below:

Following up on the success of the original game, U-Play Online and Raiser Games have announced Youtubers Life 2. The project is confirmed to be in development for Switch.

Below are the first details and trailer:

Raiser Games, in partnership with U-Play Online, today announced that the casual MOBA manager/sim Esports Life Tycoon is on the way to Switch. A release is planned for October 29.

Here’s an overview of Esports Life Tycoon, along with a trailer:

Youtubers Life: OMG Edition has added new DLC on Switch, Raiser Games and U-Play Online have announced. The Fashion Channel DLC lets players make fashion videos, attend special events, and more.

Here’s some additional information:

Raiser Games and U-Play have announced that the Switch version of Youtubers Life: OMG Edition will soon be updated. Players can expect quality-of-life, gameplay, and balancing improvements in addition to a new collaborators system and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Raiser Games and U-Play Online have announced that an “OMG Edition” of Youtubers Life is in the works for consoles, including Switch. It has already been given a release date of November 14.

Youtubers Life: OMG Edition is a simulation game in which players strive to become the most successful youtuber possible. New features have been added for the console release.

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