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Whitethorn Games

Onsen Master trailer

Onsen Master made it to Switch this week, and those that want another look can check out the latest video. The game received a new trailer to celebrate its launch.

For more information about Onsen Master, read the following overview:

Onsen Master release date

Onsen Master was announced for Switch back in June, and we now have a release date from publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Waking Oni Games. The two sides have confirmed that the title is launching on September 1, 2022.

Onsen Master is a hot spring customer management game. When it was first announced, we were given a general summer release window.

Whitethorn Games and TNgineers recently sent out a 1.4.1 update for APICO, their bee keeping sim.

Lots of fixes are included in the patch. There are a few other elements as well such as highlighting tabs/recipes now automatically selects them.

The full patch notes for the APICO version 1.4.1 update are as follows:

APICO gameplay

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APICO gameplay

Following the release of APICO on Switch, new gameplay has emerged. 23 minutes of footage shows off the beekeeping sim.

You can learn more about APICO in the following overview:

Onsen Master

Publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Waking Oni Games today announced that Onsen Master, a hot spring customer management game, will be released on Switch. It’s due out later this summer.

Onsen Master takes inspiration from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away which has the protagonist working with spirits at a bathhouse. That led to the title’s hot spring customer management gameplay as well as the Japanese setting and aesthetic. Onsen Master has seen five years of development, a successful Kickstarter campaign and beta period, and a partnership with Whitethorn Games.


While APICO has already appeared on PC, publisher Whitethorn Games and developer TNgineers have announced that they’re putting the title on Switch. The beekeeping sim will be out on July 7, 2022 complete with cross-platform play.

Here’s an overview of APICO with additional details:

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