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Botany Manor

Botany Manor gameplay

Botany Manor landed on Switch this week, and we have new gameplay. You can see footage from the title’s first three chapters.

To recap, here’s what to expect from the game:

Botany Manor launch trailer

One last trailer is here for Botany Manor to celebrate this week’s launch. Whitethorn Games and Balloon Studios just made it available on Switch.

Find more information about the title in the following overview:

Botany Manor interview

Back in 2022, a cozy-looking first-person puzzle game named Botany Manor was highlighted during one of Nintendo’s Indie World showcases. I had an opportunity to preview the game at PAX West last year, and enjoyed its gardening-based puzzles and the warmth of its lush locale.

Ahead of its release for Switch on April 9, I met with the game’s creative director Laure de May at Day of the Devs San Francisco to chat more about her inspiration for the game, its development, and more. You can read our full discussion below.

Botany Manor release date

Today, publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Balloon Studios unveiled the final release date for Botany Manor. The game comes to Switch on April 9, 2024.

Botany Manor was originally announced for Switch in November 2022. The initial goal was to have it out last year, but extra time was needed.

Botany Manor

Botany Manor, an exploration puzzle game, was announced for Switch during today’s Indie World Showcase. A release is planned for 2023.

The upcoming project comes courtesy of publisher Whitethorn Games and developer Balloon Studios. It takes place in a historical English homestead and has players investigating clues around the house and grounds to figure out the ideal habitat for a collection of rare flora.

More information can be found in the following overview:

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