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Tangledeep update coming soon to Switch (version 1.32a), patch notes

Posted on May 25, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The dungeon-crawler / roguelike RPG Tangledeep will be receiving a new update on Switch soon, developer Impact Gameworks has announced. Version 1.32a includes a variety of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Brigand’s Sleep Traps no longer remain on the ground and constantly trigger. They are destroyed on a monster’s first step, instead. However, the sleep effect now lasts 8 turns (up from 5). Also, a trap is now summoned on your tile (which didn’t happen previously.)
  • Loosened the requirements for rumors that have limited steps
  • Scrolls of Job Change now have a sale price
  • Damage from monster Ice Daggers and Frostspike has been reduced 33%
  • The monster ability “Bitestorm” can now teach the Wild Child ability “Flurry of Bites” (which was finicky to learn from Airacudas)
  • Substantially boosted the value and item count of the Buried Loot treasure chest
  • Reduced cost of pet insurance by 2/3
  • (Legend of Shara) Nightmare mods should no longer get rerolled when level scaled versions are created
  • (Legend of Shara) When a new Relic is generated, previously each mod had a 5% chance to be ‘special ‘- either a Nightmare mod (⅔ of the time) or Casino (⅓). This has been adjusted to 4% per mod slot, with Nightmare ⅘ of the time and Casino ⅕ of the time. End result is you should see fewer casino mods (by a lot) and slightly more nightmare mods.
  • (Legend of Shara) Fate affix removed on relics
  • Attempted fix for bug where (rarely) the main menu could be opened and quickly closed, causing part of the menu to disappear but not the whole thing, and (rarely) softlocking the game
  • Abilities that monsters shouldn’t be able to inherit have now been (correctly) disabled from inheritance from EITHER parent, not just the first selected one. Also, these abilities should no longer be usable once you get the pet (e.g. Spectre’s aura)
  • You should no longer be able to use a Monster Mallet on your own pet during a duel
  • Fixed price discrepancy between selling individual items and bulk selling items w/ Sell All dialog option
  • Fixed bug with Autobarrier sometimes not re-activating (this happened after being hit with some skills)
  • Fixed rare game softlock during the final boss fight
  • Attempted fixes for rare game load errors related to Legend of Shara / Wanderer’s Journey content (possibly Switch-only bug)
  • Gates that have been opened and vision-blocking destructibles that have been destroyed should no longer block vision.
  • (Legend of Shara) Dropping Relics on the ground or selling them should no longer cause various game issues
  • (Legend of Shara) Relics brought into Hall of Champions or Temple of Elements should no longer disappear at random
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Defense debuff from Plague Spirit has proper numerical readout now (-15% Physical defense, was listed as ^number1^ before)
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Bandaid fix for bad game state where the Ancient Jungle or Jellyfields ‘end of turn’ condition could trigger outside those maps
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Fixed missing localization for certain dragon soul abilities
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Added missing names for a couple monster abilities used by the warhornet nest and Prism Pudding
  • (Dawn of Dragons) Attempted fix for Dragon Souls not dropping (?), these should now ALWAYS drop in the square that the dragon was defeated in, no matter what
  • Talrose now has a Swap Places option in all conversations

Tangledeep is available now on Switch via the eShop.


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