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Tantei Bokumetsu details its game loop and recordkeeping features

Posted on April 8, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Screenshots, Switch eShop

New information has emerged about the detective adventure game Tantei Bokumetsu, including gameplay details and features such as detective profiles and a glossary. These new details give a good idea of what to expect from the game loop and what makes the game unique.

All the information is included below (courtesy of Gematsu):

■ Game Flow

Tantei Bokumetsu progresses by the following game flow:

Adventure Part – The story progresses through conversations and choices between the detectives.
An Incident Occurs – The detectives set off to investigate.
Investigation Simulation Part – Direct the detectives and investigate the scene of the incident.
Find the Truth Part – Identify the culprit using the collected evidence and information.
Solve the case, return to step one, and progress the story.

■ Adventure Parts

During Adventure Parts, the story progresses through conversations and choices between the detectives. The members of the Detective Alliance gathered at the headquarters on Morgue Island for a response meeting on the Yatsuzakikou Case. However, the Detective Alliance headquarters is destroyed after an attack by the unidentified Yatsuzakikou, and the detectives are isolated. Investigate the leads on the case as you talk with the detectives.

■ Investigation Simulation Parts

During Investigation Simulation Parts, you investigate the case while directing the detectives like pieces on a game board. The detectives on the map will determine their actions on their own. However, you can only “intervene” in and change the actions of detectives whose trust you have earned. Each detective has different stats for “movement,” “deduction,” “verification,” “cooperation,” and “investigation,” and utilizing each detective’s strengths is the key to solving the case.

Threats to the Investigation

Various obstacles will stand before the detectives during Investigation Simulation Parts.

—Attack of the Outlaw Detective

The Outlaw Detective moves to pursue the Incompetent Detective! Guide him, draw him away from the other detectives, and use that time to investigate.

—The Impending Invisible Trap

An invisible threat approaches the detectives! Discover and take care of traps with detectives who specialize in “investigation,” such as The Suffering Detective.


■ Find the Truth Part

Deduce the case and find the culprit!

By combining the evidence and information collected during the Investigation Simulation Part, you can expose the tricks behind the case, make a deduction, and find the culprit. Making continuous incorrect statements or wrong deductions will lose you the trust of the other detectives and result in a “Game Over.”

■ Glossary

By investigating “Word Points” during Adventure Parts and Investigation Simulation Parts, you can acquire “sayings.” By viewing the Glossary, you can learn more information about the detectives that appear in the game, as well as the Detective Alliance. Although not required to clear the game, the Glossary contains exclusive information not available elsewhere, so be sure to fill it up.

The Glossary contains a wide range of information related to investigations, such as the Detective Alliance and Detective Devices; major cases of the past, such as the “Dawnless Night Case”; and information related to Yatsuzakikou, such as the “Q Case.” This information could come in handy for making deductions, or help you better understand the detectives’ backgrounds.

■ Detective Profiles

The detectives’ profile information will be updated as you progress through the story and as you view specific events during Investigation Simulation Parts. Detective profiles contain various information, including their real names, hobbies, skills, upbringing, and past careers.

Tantei Bokumetsu releases for Switch on May 27,2021 in Japan. No word has been given about an English localization at this time.


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