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Tears of the Kingdom is amazing (plus giveaway results, news and more) | Nintendo Everything Refresh Ep. 054

Posted on May 16, 2023 by in Podcast, Switch

After years of anticipation, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is finally here, and you can bet your rupees that we’ve been playing it! In this special episode of Nintendo Everything refresh, join your hosts Nicolas, Tom and Sam (joining us from our YouTube channel for the first time) as we dive deep into Link’s new adventure, all the new gameplay systems, the world, the story and more! We’ll also discuss the latest news from Nintendo on the future of the Switch, the delay of Hogwarts Legacy’s Switch version, and much more!

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Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway last week for Forever Entertainment’s Magical Drop VI! Selected at random, the YouTube usernames of the winners are: Cesar Tribst, BlueEyes, Jay88Fitness, 47drift and Denny South.

If you were selected, we’ll be responding to your YouTube comment on last week’s episode with instructions as to how to receive your code, so keep an eye out for more info!

Have ideas or suggestions for the show, or want to submit a fan question or topic for a future episode? Let us know what you think – and thanks for listening!

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Episode Segments:

⁠⁠00:00⁠⁠ Intro

⁠⁠01:21⁠⁠ Winners for the Magical Drop VI Giveaway

⁠⁠02:36⁠⁠ Zelda (no spoilers) 


46:30⁠⁠ Game announcements 

53:53⁠⁠ Recent releases

⁠⁠57:18⁠⁠ Refresh Rate (Our experience with Zelda so far – spoilers!)



Nick Serpa: @ndserpa

Nicolas Shadday: @Dayshade1999

Tom Chaplin @Thomchaplin

Dennis Gagliardotto: @LyonHart_

Luiz Estrella: @Luizestrella_

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