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Tiny Metal version 1.1.0 patch notes

Posted on December 21, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Tiny Metal was updated yesterday, introducing online multiplayer, new story content, and more. There were also quite a few adjustments made and fixes implemented as well that we were previously unaware of.

The full patch notes are as follows:


-. Add Online Multiplayer
-. Add Act V to the Campaign Mode
-. Add Color Blind ModeAI
-. Teach AI to better use indirect units
-. Teach AI to better prioritize which buildings to capture


-. Display mission name in upper right corner
-. Add medals to overworld displaying achieved score rank
-. Make high score table display lesser ranks also achieved if higher rank is attained
-. Upgrade idle units on main menu to hero versions once unlocked
-. Make pressing cancel in squad viewer return to main menu
-. Improve readability of building capture progress counter
-. Update cursor move sound effect
-. Make pressing any key cancel loading idle video on main menu
-. Fix Gameplay category button in settings menu not being focused when opened in-field
-. Allow players to access pause menu even during enemy turn
-. Make commander name in HUD easier to read
-. Fix character names being offset from dialog text box by 2 pixels
-. Improve readabilty of unit status text
-. Display cost of healing in action menu
-. Add hero unlock counter
-. Add bonus mission unlock counter
-. Add terrain ambient sounds volume to audio settings
-. Unify UI styling
-. Double speedup fast forward
-. Increase size of Unit HP bar for easier reading


-. Make used Comm Links turn grey after deployment
-. Make explored easter eggs turn grey after exploring
-. Optimize battle scene rendering
-. Optimize rendering cost of units
-. Make battle scenes render at full resolution on all platforms
-. Tune team colors
-. Improve in-game lighting
-. Improve visibility of units with a slight desaturation on terrain
-. Add wind system
-. Make forests sway in wind
-. Add lights to buildings


-. Add commander specific blip & blops during dialog for non Japanese languages
-. Add option to enable Japanese voiced dialog under all languages
-. Allow volume settings to go above 100% and up to 200%
-. Add sound effects to all UI interactions


-. Allow all unit types to perform Explore action
-. Expand radar cover of Radar and Phased Array Radar units by 1
-. Make Radar and Phased Array Radar more affordable
-. Prevent air units from performing Assault
-. Make deploying Heroes cost funds
-. Make healing units cost funds
-. Do not auto-heal units sitting on cities
-. Make Riflemen units do slightly more damage to Metals
-. Add radar range to MegaMetal Hero


-. Fix unit info not disappearing after victory screen appears
-. Fix percentage number’s outline not updating to new team color when enemy is defeated by HQ capture and unit’s are captured
-. Fix attacks against some hero infantry being calculated against wrong base damage type
-. Fix tile info widget being visible when hovering over unknown terrain
-. Fix BGM not playing during opening splash screens
-. Fix Comm Links being called Radios in tile info
-. Fix AI idling units over other-wise valuable buildings


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