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Trials Rising update out now (version 1.0.3)

Posted on April 14, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Trials Rising

Ubisoft has issued a new update for Trials Rising on Switch. With version 1.0.3, the game has implemented a number of improvements and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Multiplayer Matchmaking Improvements
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Stability fixes and improvements to Party Mode (local multiplayer)


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused inventory items to duplicate
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that prevented Ubisoft Club rewards from appearing in a player’s inventory
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused infinite loading for some items in a player’s inventory
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fix for Season One stickers not appearing in Garage
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue with the Squirrel helmet disappearing from players’ inventory
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Inventory stability updates


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Updated Track Central so that players will be returned to the search/feed and last track viewed after exiting a track
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that could select impossible ghosts to race against on custom tracks
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused the wrong track type to be displayed in track info on Track Central
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that removed custom tracks from favourites when exiting Track Central
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed “My Best” entry in custom skill games on Track Central that displayed time when the primary score was set as something else


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused track save files to disappear from the Track Editor after over-writing saves
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Track time will now appear in the Track Editor after completing a test run
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Added advanced object properties to effects in the Track Editor
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Various tool fixes and updates
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused the rider to instantly crash if a driveline is placed close to the world limits in the Track Editor
  • [SWITCH] Fixed some incorrect button inputs displayed in the Track Editor


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused decals placed on tires to appear on the wrong side of the tire
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a visual bug in the front forks of Rhino & Tandem bikes
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed some clipping issues with various rider gear items & poses
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed some customization bugs on the Wide Surface Body Kit


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that could cause a crash after removing tracks from the party mode playlist
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixes and improvements to prepare for the 66 Expansion
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixes and improvements to prepare for Easter Event
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Various stability updates & fixes
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a crash that occurred when crossing the finish line on the Hill Climb skill game
  • [SWITCH][PS4] Fixed an issue that could cause a crash while launching the game


  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed various localization & text errors
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed missing visualizations on some University of Trials tracks
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that prevented new challengers from appearing on the world map when the challengers filter is active
  • [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a bug that displayed the “Season Finished!” pop-up when returning to the main menu in offline mode


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