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Ultimate Chicken Horse reveals “A-cobra-tic Update”, out next month – new content, PS4 cross-play, more

Posted on February 20, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Clever Endeavour Games has revealed a new free content update for Ultimate Chicken Horse. Known as the “A-cobra-tic Update”, it’s due out for all players on March 12.

Here’s a quick rundown as to what’s included:

The A·cobra·tic Update introduces:

1 new character: Snake (on a skateboard!)

2 new levels: The Ballroom and Space

4 new blocks: flamethrower, one-way gate, cannon, and beehive

PS4 + Nintendo Switch cross-platform play

There’s also a handful of improvements, minor additions to the game, and plenty of bug fixes.

And here’s a rundown of other additions and fixes:

Minor Features

  • New paintbrush sizes in Free Play Mode allow you to paint more or fewer things at once

  • A “Randomize” button on the modifiers page turns on a random number of modifiers at random settings for chaotic fun

  • Lobbies where the host is AFK for long enough will now be marked as AFK in the lobby list

  • A new button in the “My Levels” view in the underground computer allows to show or hide levels that aren’t public

  • A Czech localization is now available

Bug fixes

  • Fixed characters’ hitboxes stretching dramatically after being swallowed by a black hole.

  • Fixed inconsistent firing times on the hockey puck shooter when you pause the game.

  • Fixed the player profile dialogue sometimes persisting on the screen.

  • Fixed ghosts having an excessive number of corpses.

  • Fixed an issue where a local player might behave strangely in the treehouse when a remote player quits the game

  • Fixed being able to push around characters that are sitting on the couch.

  • Fixed corpses triggering blocks they’re on every time the game is unpaused.

  • When playing in Free Play mode alone, clearing the level will now reset it, just like dying would.

  • All blocks now have their explosion animation when destroyed by a bomb.

  • Fixed block explosions not being aligned with flipped blocks.

  • Fixed ? boxes interacting with players after they opened

  • Made it easier to hold B to give up or retry while going through teleporters

  • Fixed honeyed tennis ball shooters not shooting in saved levels

  • Fixed ice / honey and barbed wire sometimes refusing to be placed next to each other

  • Fixed upblower wind particles appearing when the wind effect is interrupted by blocks overlapping with the upblower

  • Fixed upblower wind particles sometimes looking longer than the wind effect

  • Fixed arrows not exploding when hitting Ghosts with the Projectile Explosions Modifier

  • Fixed destruction animations for blocks that were missing them

  • Fixed crumbling blocks loading with incorrect damage level in multiple scenarios

  • Fixed players getting caught on the Iceberg ship walls

  • Fixed color distortion on the yellow recolor of Red Panda

  • Fixed player character names sometimes showing as “Press” in the Treehouse

  • Prevented unlock UI from getting mirrored along with the Flip Left/Right Modifier

  • Fixed page flip buttons from being reversed along with the Flip Left/Right Modifier

  • Fixed an issue where re-created lobbies wrongly carried on the Modifiers tag

  • Fixed the run timer not stopping between players in Shared Controller

Lastly, here’s a trailer:


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