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Clever Endeavour Games

It has been announced that Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Europe will be able to try Ultimate Chicken Horse for free as part of the latest Switch Online Game Trial. Like other Switch Online Game Trials, players who hold a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be able to play the entirety of the game’s content for the duration of the trial, which is scheduled to last from February 9 to February 15. Here are some details on Ultimate Chicken Horse from the official Switch eShop page:

Ultimate Chicken Horse "Hippo-Party-Plus" update

Clever Endeavour Games today unveiled a major patch for Ultimate Chicken Horse known as the “Hippo-Party-Plus” update, and it’s going live on September 20. It comes with Hippopotamus as a new character, Triceratops alternate skin, Rollercoaster level, and four new outfits: Floatie (Hippo), Cowboy Boots (Hippo), Balloon (Hippo) Jockey Outfit (Horse). That’s on top of the regular bug fixes.

Here’s a trailer showing off the new Ultimate Chicken Horse update:

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Today, Merge Games announced a new partnership with Clever Endeavour Games. The two sides will be releasing a physical version of Ultimate Chicken Horse on Switch for the first time.

The Ultimate Chicken Horse “A-Neigh-Versary” Edition includes the game and extra goodies. Buyers will receive a chicken keyring, a digital soundtrack code, and an Ultimate Chicken Horse Compendium booklet which will help players keep track of all their unlocked characters, outfits and levels as they play. It contains all of the currently available Ultimate Chicken Horse updates on the game cart, including: Elephantastic, Chimply Amazing, Transformidable and the A-cobra-tic updates.

The physical version of Ultimate Chicken Horse is planned for October.

Source: Merge Games PR

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse has been announced as the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Japan. Between January 25 and January 31, it can be played entirely free. Save data will transfer to the final game.

A sale for Ultimate Chicken Horse is also planned. It’ll be brought down from 1,480 yen to 962 yen between January 25 and February 7.


Ultimate Chicken Horse has been updated on Switch, implementing several bug fixes. It’s now at version 1.7.028.

Below are the full patch notes:

Clever Endeavour Games has revealed a new free content update for Ultimate Chicken Horse. Known as the “A-cobra-tic Update”, it’s due out for all players on March 12.

Here’s a quick rundown as to what’s included:

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse’s latest update is now available. Version 1.6.061 has gone live, which features a bunch of new fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Clever Endeavour Games has released the latest update for Ultimate Chicken Horse. In addition to a couple of improvements, version 1.6.040 includes numerous fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Next week, a major patch for Ultimate Chicken Horse will be introduced. Clever Endeavour Games is introducing the Transformidable Update, featuring modifiers, jetpacks, reskins, and more.

Here’s a brief breakdown as to what’s included:

Ultimate Chicken Horse

A notable performance patch is now live for Ultimate Chicken Horse. Version 1.5.064 is out now for all players.

After the update is applied, your game will be on an upgraded engine that fixes “most if not all crashing bugs.” The upgraded engine also allows for screenshot taking and video capture. Lastly, accessing the user-generated levels in local play will no longer require having a Nintendo Switch Online membership.


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