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Ultimate Chicken Horse reveals “Hippo-Party-Plus” update

Posted on September 8, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Ultimate Chicken Horse "Hippo-Party-Plus" update

Clever Endeavour Games today unveiled a major patch for Ultimate Chicken Horse known as the “Hippo-Party-Plus” update, and it’s going live on September 20. It comes with Hippopotamus as a new character, Triceratops alternate skin, Rollercoaster level, and four new outfits: Floatie (Hippo), Cowboy Boots (Hippo), Balloon (Hippo) Jockey Outfit (Horse). That’s on top of the regular bug fixes.

Here’s a trailer showing off the new Ultimate Chicken Horse update:

And here’s additional information on other additions, changes, and fixes:

Minor Features

  • Ultimate Chicken Horse has been updated to Unity 2020 – some beta testers have reported a smoother, more optimized feel to the game

  • Added a Help and Tips section to the pause menu

  • Adjusted some physics for better wall experiences

  • Players can no longer spam the pause button, which previously let players exploit level timers and some physics

  • Added some new backgrounds for community level creations

  • Players can now delete custom levels that they have uploaded

  • Level Fullness is always displayed in freeplay build mode

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted some physics for better wall experiences (smoother motion on wall slides and less likely to “bounce” off walls)

    • Fixing these physics problems has had a cascading effect that we believe improves the feel of the game, and makes it slightly more responsive. It does slightly change the fundamental physics of the game, and some previous advanced techniques will have to be rediscovered or adjusted.

  • “Follow player” camera fixed after respawns and in Sudden Death

  • Punching Flowers punch in the correct direction on flipped treadmills

  • Run Time Limit properly ends rounds when players have multiple respawns remaining

  • Zombies are able to pick up coins

  • Parkour preset properly applies block probabilities and removes trap blocks

  • Fixed cursor regions when using controllers on ultra-wide monitors 

  • Added collision areas to Ballroom to prevent spawn kills from placing blocks too close

  • Bees give trap points

  • Fixed various issues with Bees respawning

  • Bees now deactivate when player dies and turns into a Zombie

  • More consistent platforms in Treehouse

  • Fixed some localizations so they properly appear in UI

  • Fixed various other localization mistakes

  • Zombies should no longer lock up games in certain scenarios

  • Twitch chat no longer overrides block probability settings

  • Fixed small issues with animal artwork

  • Challengeboard scoreboard no longer briefly shows the world record message from a previous attempt

  • Fixed non-slippery ice when you crouch immediately while landing

  • Fixed Jetpack sound sometimes never ending in the inventory


  • Sudden death will always have a timer

  • No longer able to wall jump off ceiling

  • Made animal dead colliders more consistent with each other

  • Scaffolding now has a consistent rotation speed when attached to rotating blocks for all orientations

  • Picked up coins won’t slow rotating platforms as you move away from the platform with the coin

  • Upblowers are no longer able to blow through the moving platforms that they are attached to

  • Slightly increased Canon level fullness cost

Note that the new Ultimate Chicken Horse update will be included on the cartridge for the new physical release. Clever Endeavour Games has more details about on its website here.

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