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Ultimate Chicken Horse update out now (version 1.6.040)

Posted on March 28, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Clever Endeavour Games has released the latest update for Ultimate Chicken Horse. In addition to a couple of improvements, version 1.6.040 includes numerous fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:


  • Improved the diagonal input on analogue controls sticks, so it better matches the result of holding up and sideways on keyboard.
  • Jetpack dispenser will be infinite, instead of only 4 jetpacks per round.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused all of the blocks in the level collapsing into 1 spot, the game lagging, and sometimes crashing. Caused in online games by all clients leaving the game.
  • Fixed jetpacking upwards into certain ceilings or blocks killing you. This is most notable in the underground area of Jungle Temple.
  • Fixed Characters getting pushed up into blocks or ceilings have their colliders set to crouch, making them 1 block high, allowing them to sometimes fit in places they shouldn’t in certain complex modifier + level designs.
  • Fixed certain combinations of Ghosts, and deaths that led to the UI not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Dead bodies being duplicating when retrying in challenge levels with the Ghosts modifier turned on, leading to levels filled with bodies and system slowdown.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player couldn’t pick up a jetpack from a jetpack dispenser.
  • Prevent Dead Hop after holding B to retry in challenge levels.
  • Fixed an issue with a certain special characters in save file names.
  • Fixed issue with crumbling blocks saving in an incorrect save state
  • Fixed Doomsday sound effects not being controlled by in-game volume settings
  • Prevented dying from resetting the retry indicator in challenge mode
  • Fixed a bug with blocks that were targeted with duplication highlighting afterwards
  • Fixed an issue with multiplayer + challenge time + deadhop being completely inaccurate
  • Fixed issue allowing arrows and other projectiles to pass through dead bodies
  • Allow mirroring of punching flowers and ensured they save correctly now
  • Fixed some issues with German localization overlapping in some UI
  • Fixed an issue that prevent crouched characters from picking up coins
  • Fixed a bug where some indestructible blocks would not connect to each other with the indestructible connector
  • Prevent teleporters from re-teleporting characters after a respawn
  • Prevented characters from respawning in start zone if it is covered with doomsday lava
  • Fixed bug that allowed some blocks to be attached to the endzone in the blank level
  • Fixed the camera jumping around when a non-local player finished the level, but the local users had local player only view enabled
  • Fixed the Parkour Preset so that it doesn`t contain any traps as intended


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