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Uno Party! Mania DLC released

Posted on July 9, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Uno Party! Mania DLC

Today, Ubisoft that its Uno game for Switch was just given new Party! Mania DLC on Switch. This is available right now on the eShop.

An added twist of extra action cards and all-new special rules are included in the DLC. We have more information about it in the following description:

UNO Party! Mania features three new exciting action cards: the Point Taken card, Wild Drawn Together card, and Wild Pile Up card. Point Taken asks all players to virtually point at one other player; afterwards, each player must draw as many cards as there are players pointing at them. When Wild Drawn Together is pulled, that player chooses a new color to play and picks two others to be temporarily linked. Moving forward, every time one of these players draws cards from the draw pile, the player they’re linked with must draw the same amount. The link remains intact until a new Wild Drawn Together or Point Taken card is pulled. Finally, the Wild Pile Up card creates a mini-pile, starting with the first card from the draw pile. The next player must play a card of the same color to pass on the mini-pile to the next player, until it reaches a player who can’t play a card, at which point the entire mini-pile goes into their hand.

Ubisoft says that two additional editions are also slated for September 10. With the Uno Legacy Edition, players will get the full classic game, Party! Mania, Flip!, and 50th Anniversary DLCs. UNO Ultimate Edition features the card game and six exciting DLCs: Party! Mania, FLIP!, 50th Anniversary, Valhalla, The Call of Yara, Fenyx’s Quest, themed cards featuring Just Dance 2017, Rayman, and more.

The Uno Party! Mania DLC is out now on the Switch eShop for $4.99. Read more about the game here.

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