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Unrailed! update includes underwater biome and more

Posted on March 14, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Unrailed update underwater

After it was previously made available on PC, Unrailed! has just gone live with a new update on Switch which includes a new underwater biome. Players “will have to defy the challenge of the deep to return back to the surface.”

Other than that, the time mode supports cross-play. There are other additions, improvements, and fixes as well.

The full patch notes for the Unrailed! update are as follows:

  • New: Underwater biome added
  • New: Time mode now cross-play compatible (Meaning that console versions got updated to the same version)
  • New: Former compass wagon acts now as map wagon
  • New: Special themed main menu
  • New: Separate ambient sound setting in settings
  • New: Default character selection in settings
  • Improvement: Savegame menu opens fater
  • Improvement: The highscore ui now shows if replay is available
  • Improvement: Uploading highscore UI in replay more responsive
  • Improvement: Allow for further distances in sandbox
  • Fix: Atmosphere not correctly played in main menu
  • Fix: Milk wagon plunger offset fixed
  • Fix: Meteor not correctly saved in save files
  • Fix: Use less then N tracks was impossible in some cases
  • Fix: Some Buttons did not make any sound in menu
  • Fix: Rare race condition made mapgen crash on first extreme map
  • Fix: Some game end screens assumed that player used checkpoints when they didn’t
  • Fix: Music fixes in main menu
  • Fix: “No space for improvement” did trigger at wrong occasions
  • Fix: Controller remapping sometimes lost
  • Fix: Bot did not behave correctly with the buckinator wagon

And here’s a trailer:

All players on Switch can download the new Unrailed! update featuring the underwater biome now.


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