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Unruly Heroes Challenge Update out now with new content and more

Posted on June 1, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Magic Design Studios’ well-received adventure-platformer Unruly Heroes has been updated on Switch. The team has added new difficulty modes, level completion rankings, a Photo Mode, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Patch Overview

– 2 new difficulty modes : Easy (enjoy a cool trip) and Hard (warm up your fingers)
– New level completion rankings – a more balanced Emerald rank updated and new Diamond rank (only hard mode) for fierce competitors
– Additional Level timer to see your speedrun skills
– Moves List Menu to perfect your kung fu movements / actions.
– Photo Mode to capture your best exploits
– New character skins
– Fast forward any cinematics.
– Gameplay tweaks focusing on controls
– Various bugfixes

Gameplay Tweaks

– 600+ collision issues fixed, quality of life improvement.
– Visual feedback added when player dodge / dash. Change the invulnerability granted during these actions.
– All attacks now cancellable by Dash / Dodge
– Changed enemies life scalling in multiplayer ( Smaller increase)
– Changed default keyboard bindings
– Improved soul pattern making it come back more often toward the player
– Improved stick sensibilty for specific attacks
– Enemies now have more effect to feedback when they are hit.
– Modified Enemies that were not behaving correctly – Chief Chomp has a new attack / Rhynehard has more chance using the charge attack / The bat ennemy has more time being on hit animation and water projectile does less damage / Wolves and lizards try to dodge player / Dolfink projectile’s trajectory changed / goat projectile slower
– Medals / Ranks are now assigned only with timing and player death, doesn’t count coins anymore.
– Redid all Levels’ timing to go with new system


– Dodge and dash are now faster to perform ( but less invulnerability)
– Improved Air Control for all characters
– Reduced Jump total time for all characters
– Fixed Jump Apex floatyness in general
– Fixed precision of wolf’s spear throwing

Bug fixes

– Taoist Temple: Fixed a collision issue preventing the golem to follow the player in “HuangHua temple”
– Taoist Temple: Fixed a bug respawning lizard but not triggering the fight in “The doomed Jungle”
– Taoist Temple: Fixed a bug making the fog disappear permanently in “Into the mist”
– Underworld: Fixed Soul issues causing some unintentional wobble.
– Underworld: Fixed collisions issues of red pillars not killing the player.
– Underworld: Fixed a bug making the player fall through the map in “Receiving docks”
– Skull canyon : Fixed the collision of the spiked roots
– Skull canyon : Fixed some collision issues of the Rhynehard attackings in “Wolf Camp”
– Skull canyon : Fixed a bug causing the controllable wolf to have incorrect jumps and dodges in “The way of wolves”
– Mountain Fire : Fixed a bug preventing King Bull to spawn or launch the fight in “Belly of the beast”
– Mountain Fire : Fixed a bug preventing player to grab onto a ledge with the Lava columns
– Mountain Fire : Fixed a bug making King bull stay in the lava in “Lava Falls”
– General : Fixed a bug causing unplugged controller to not be registered
– Player : Fixed the collision of Kihong when floating.
– PVP : Fixed a bug causing peaches to not be registered

Find a trailer showing off the new Unruly Heroes update below.


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