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Unused Pokemon shown in manga about creator Satoshi Tajiri

Posted on May 17, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

A new manga about the life of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri and Game Freak will soon be released in Japan. Game Freak staffer James Turner tweeted out some excerpts early, which show some interesting things pertaining to the franchise.

Some have believed that we would never get a good look at documentation for the original Pokemon games due to it being lost to time or never having exited. However, one of the manga panels actually has a look at an internal Game Freak poll from way back in the day.

Some of the designs shown in positions like #56, #61, #62, and #67 never made it into the final games. Numbers on the left sheet match the internal index order, and all Pokemon that were unused on that sheet became a MissingNo.:

054 Magneton (obscured)
055 Koffing (semi-obscured)
056 Deer
057 Mankey (obscured)
058 Seel (obscured)
059 Diglett
060 Tauros (obscured)
061 —-ro (obscured)
062 Crocky
063 Unused (obscured)
064 Farfetch’d (named -kepaan instead of Kamonegi)
065 Venonat
066 Dragonite (obscured)
067 Cactus (semi-obscured)
068 Jagg

Finally, here’s the incomplete internal poll results for popular Pokemon voted on by Game Freak staff:

1. Exeggutor: 23 votes
2. Chansey: 17 votes
3. Clefairy: 14 votes
4. –muraa (may be Hitmonlee): 11 votes
5. —kii (may be Machoke, Machoke using Machamp’s name, or Mankey, ): 10 votes
6. –kara (may be Cubone): 9 votes
7. —-n: 8 votes
8. —-mo (may be Poliwag): 8 votes
9. —-ma (may be Exeggcute): 7 votes
10. —–: 7 votes
11-20. Unknown (Tanegla and Grimer are circled and likely placed in here)
21. Voltorb: 3 votes
22. Lickitung: 3 Votes
23. “Magnemite” (This may actually be Magneton, its spot on the left sheet is circled): 3 votes
24. Cactus: 3 votes
25. Kadabra: 3 votes
26. “Hypno” (This may be Drowzee, Hypno is much further down the index list): 2 votes
27. Nidoking (named MaikoM, like the Game Center CX interview revealed): 2 votes
28. “Buu” (?): 1 vote
29. “Perunta(A)” (?): 1 vote
30. Scyther: 1 vote
31. Diglett: 1 vote


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