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Xenoblade Chronicles X battle details

Posted on March 12, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

New information regarding battles in Xenoblade Chronicles X have come through the game’s official website. Find a summary of details below, courtesy of Siliconera.

– Melee and ranged attacks
– Option to perform auto-attacks of course
– Can destroy parts of enemies to make fights easier and acquire some items
– Melee weapon-types include: Knife, Long Sword, Shield, Dual Sword, Javelin, Photon Saber, and more
– Shooting weapon-types: Assault Rifle, Dual Gun, Sniper Rifle, Ray Gun, Psycho Launcher, and more
– Character information shown on the top-left of the screen
– Upper part shows more of the enemy, such as how they aggro, their level, name, and HP
– Bottom shows Arts Palette, followed by what type of weapon you’re currently using, and an indicator that tells you your position against the enemy you’re facing or have targeted
– TP (Tension Point): fills up when you auto-attack
– Inner Level: indicates the character’s raw power
– Class Rank: indicates the character’s current class rank
– Target Enemy: Selects the closest enemy to target
– Draw Weapon: Unsheathes weapon to commence combat
– Target Lock: Will have character and view focus on the target
– Switch Target: Used to switch targets when there are multiple enemies
– Parts Lock: Used to continue aiming for a certain part of an enemy
– Switch Weapon: Switches between melee and shooting weapons
– Arts: Launches a special ability from the character
– By using 1,000 TP, they’ll use an even more powerful Arts (the Tension Arts)
– Help Up: By using 3,000 TP, you can revive a fallen comrade
– Ally Commands: Give orders to your party, such as “concentrate attacks” or “gather,” and more
– Indicate Battle Menu: Give specific commands to individual party members or the entire party
– These include “go with melee,” “go with shooting,” “get in your Doll,” and other specific commands
– There’s also an emergency escape option that will take 15 seconds to make a run, leading you to the nearest landmark
– Retreat: Makes you stop attacking, allowing for a retreat to safety


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