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Yo-kai Watch 4++ details and screenshots – multiplayer, new quests, new yo-kai

Posted on November 14, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Level-5 provided the latest details and screenshots for Yo-kai Watch 4++ today. The latest news update covers multiplayer, new quests, and the latest new yo-kai.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Purapura Blasters

– In the newly added multiplayer mode “Purapura Blasters,” you start from the “Blasters Hell Base” in the new area “Cauldron-Boiled Hell” (Kamayude Jigoku) in the Yo-makai world
– Only yo-kai that are playable in Blasters will appear
– Choose your favorite yo-kai and take on a mission
– Up to four players can play together cooperatively, whether through local correspondence or via the internet
– You can also play on your own
– In Blasters, a great number of enemy yo-kai will appear
– While fighting alongside friends to defeat them, aim for the boss yo-kai that lies ahead
– You can exchange the Oni Orbs obtained on missions for level-ups and exclusive items
– Human characters including the Watchers will also appear in Blasters
– You can control these characters by possessing them
– When you spot a human character, possess them to borrow their strength
– In the battle at the bath house in the new “Blossom Heights” area, Nate (Keita) and the others will be wearing their swimsuits
– Jinpei Jiba (protagonist of the movie Yo-kai Watch Jam The Movie: Yo-kai Academy Y – Can a Cat be a Hero? and anime Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Academy Y – Encounter with N) will also appear as a character you can possess
– Local/online multiplayer

New Quests

– Multiple new quests have been added
– Among them is are new stories surrounding Natsume and the Yo-kai Detective Agency, as well as Shin and company
– By clearing each quest, you can befriend the yo-kai Shien and Fukurou, who appeared as bosses in Yo-kai Watch 4, as well as super powerful yo-kai like Shuka, Gentou, Hakushu, and Kuuten
– There is a quest by which you can obtain special equipment that lets Enma transform into Yami Enma

Even More New Yo-kai

– Strong-looking new yo-kai and returning yo-kai have been added
– Damona (Lightside / Shadowside)
– Itashi Katanashi (Lighside) / Yomaoen (Shadowside)
– Kenshin Amaterasu
– Gesshin Tsukuyomi

Physical Edition Purchase Bonus and Linking

– The physical edition of Yo-kai Watch 4++ includes the “Jibanyan & Jinpei Yo-kai Y Medal”
– By scanning this in the game, you can get a special weapon themed after Jibanyan and Jinpei called “Nekoken: Jibanyuckle” (Cat Fist)
– Scan it once a day to receive other useful items
– Which will for sure be of use in Pura Pura Blasters
– In order to obtain the “Nekoken: Jibanyuckle,” you must download a free update after purchasing the game

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