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Yoru, Tomosu details and screenshots

Posted on April 2, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Today, Nippon Ichi Software published the first official details and screenshots for its horror visual novel Yoru, Tomosu. The initial batch of assets covers the characters, story, and more.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:


– Set in the Taisho era
– About a boarding school for young ladies that stands quietly on the outskirts of town
– The students there are “caged birds,” restricted from leaving the school grounds even on days off
– The girls shared everything, from their loneliness and joy to their teenage melancholy
– Eventually they created the “Psuedo Sisters” system
– This is a special relationship in which two girls would exchange each other’s most valued possessions and form a sister contract until graduation
– One day, two girls who formed a contract to become “Psuedo Sisters” committed a double suicide
– The two died holding the “valued possessions” said to be a symbol of the bond between them, but the teachers returned those “symbols” to their original owners and died in an accident

Suzu Izayoi

– A girl who lost her parents at a young age and is now living with her grandmother
– Ace of the koto music club at Kagurahara Girls Academy and next in line to be its president
– Cheerful personality and can get along with anyone
– On the first day of summer vacation—the day everyone shared ghost stories—she started having strange dreams of herself and a “sister”

Yuuka Sumeragi

– Transfer student who joined the koto music club
– Her home was once a school that boasted the largest number top disciples in the koto music world
– Her own skills are second to none
– Cherishes a diary about Kagurahara Girls Academy that she found when she was young
– Spitting image of the “sister” that appears in Suzu’s dreams

Maya Aoyagi

– Suzu’s childhood friend
– Usually reliable, but occasionally messes up
– Loves Suzu and cherishes her above all else
– Attends this school because of Suzu
– Also started playing koto music because of her
– She is good at making sweets, but is also very timid and easily gets scared

Rui Maihara

– Cheerful and energetic
– Can be quick-tempered
– Once the rising star of the track and field club, but retired after she injured her leg and joined the koto music club
– Loves the club president that welcomed her in

Reiko Takusari

– Girl who does things calmly and at her own pace
– She is a realiable older sister-type who watches over everyone
– Her grandmother is the school president

Other Characters

– Tae Kanno: adviser for the koto music club that oversees the students. Also known as Taechan-sensei
– Marino Takezawa: current president of the koto music club, who runs it under the motto, “Music is to Enjoy”; dependable senpai who believes one should enjoy playing music above all, and even taught music novice Rui how to play from scratch


– In preparation for the contest to be held after summer vacation, Suzu, Maya, Rui, and Reiko began their summer practice
– Just as summer vacation began, Suzu had a dream in which she saw an unknown “sister”
– While she did not pay much mind to it, one day a girl named Yuuka Sumeragi (the spitting image of the “sister” in her dream) transfers to her school
– Yuuka cherishes an old notebook – an old diary about the school
– Yuuka is also from a family once famous in the koto music world, and plans to participate herself in the contest to be held after summer vacation
– Yuuka listens to Suzu and company’s performance and calls it “an insult to music,” having no intention to slow into step with them
– Suzu puzzled things over with the club president regarding Yuuka, who quickly isolated herself from the club, but at a certain point, she discovered note in her cupboard that read, “I want to talk at the old school building – Sumeragi”
– Suzu saw off the president, who was excited about her “chance to talk together” with Yuuka
– What would later be discovered is the bloody body of the president who had fallen from the old school building’s second floor

Kagurahara Girls Academy

– Historic school for young ladies that has been around since the Taisho era
– New school building where Suzu and company attend class
– There is an old school building that is now off-limits, and among the students there are rumors that “the old school building is haunted”

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