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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – loads of spoiler-filled details

Posted on October 29, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A whole bunch of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds details have emerged, covering the first few hours of the game. Needless to say spoilers are abound here. If you’re interested in the information, head past the break.

  • You can explore most of Hyrule even before going to the Sanctuary.
  • The Lantern does not use the Energy-Meter. Only Ravio items do.
  • In Kakariko you can buy a bottle from the merchant and get the Bug-Catching Net from a bee guy, similar to A Link to the Past.
  • The bar in the southeast part of town is now a Milk Bar and the owner looks like Talon.
  • The shop in Kakariko lets you buy a shield, the Foul Fruit and the Scoot Fruit. 50 Rupees each.
  • The Foul Fruit stuns enemies in the environment or scares them off (haven’t tested it).
  • The Scoot Fruit warps you out of dungeons.
  • You can sell bees for 50 Rupees each to the bee guy. Bees are easy to find in Kakariko, so this is a very easy way to farm Rupees. Bees are stored in bottles.
  • Hyrule Castle walls get “graffiti” of the cursed soldiers.
  • From Ravio you get Ravio’s Bracelet. It generates the Energy-Meter and is used by all of his items.
  • Rented items have purple bunny ears on them.
  • 9th item in Ravio’s shop is the Sand Rod. Nintendo already released an artwork of the item, it’s the one that looks like a golden shovel. However, it was rented by one of the descendants of the Sages, who then gets abducted by Yuga. So, you’re not able to rent the Sand Rod in the beginning of the game.
  • You can, however, rent all other items right after the Eastern Palace. Prices are between 20 and 100 Rupees for renting. Fire Rod and Ice Rod are most expansive with 100 Rupees each. But I could easily afford renting all items at once.
  • The small bird creature next to Ravio takes the items back, if you die (never happened to me though).
  • Eastern Palace is quite non-linear in design, also has some optional parts.
  • Yuga turns Link into a painting at the end of the dungeon, but Ravio’s Bracelet saves him.
  • After the boss fight you can explore the outer walls of Eastern Palace.
  • There are purple Energy Jars (similar to Magic Jars), which instantly refill your Energy-Meter.
  • The mother from the smith family is looking for her boy at this point in the game. He seems to have disappeared at the Flute Boy’s Meadow, where you can only find his Pouch (it lets you equip items with X).
  • You can merge with the wall behind Majora’s Mask in Link’s house. This makes it look like Link’s actually wearing the mask.
  • Irene, the witch, acts as your teleport system. You can call her with the bell and she will transport you to any of the bird statues.
  • The bird statues need to be activated and they also act as your saving points. You can’t save the game at any time, only at the statues.
  • The witch hut offers four different potions: red, blue, golden/yellow and purple.
  • Red Potion only costs Rupees and heals eight hearts.
  • Blue Potion heals all hearts, but requires some blue stuff from monsters in addition to Rupees.
  • Golden/Yellow Potion makes you invulnerable for a small time. Don’t remember the requirements.
  • Purple Potion damages enemies in the environment. Requires those purple monster guts.
  • There are 100 Maiamais to collect. The map shows the total number of remaining Maiamais per region.
  • Maiamais feel like a mix between Secret Seashells and Gold Skulltulas. Can be found behind houses, in trees, in pots, under water…
  • You can only upgrade Ravio items and only, if they were bought, not rented.
  • You have the choice between two dungeons at this point: House of Gales and Tower of Hera.
  • House of Gales is the windmill dungeon on Lake Hylia, which Nintendo already showed us. It requires the Tornado Rod, but also the Zora Flippers.
  • You can get the Zora Flippers from the Zora Queen, but you have to bring back a gem, which prevents her from becoming fatter (I won’t spoil the surprise here).
  • House of Gales has some very clever puzzles with the wall merging. I got stuck two times…
  • Boss of House of Gales is a giant pillar with an eye on top. It tries to push you into an abyss. Very fun and creative fight.
  • Tower of Hera requires the Hammer, but also the Power Glove.
  • You get the Power Glove from a guy, who lives at the old lumberjack house and lifts rocks.
  • The Power Glove only lifts small rocks. For the big ones you need the Titan’s Mitts (according to Hint Ghosts).
  • Death Mountain is full of rolling boulders. Spectacle Rock is now an active vulcano. The Deadrock enemies make a return.
  • You dodge the boulders with the wall merge or destroy them with your Hammer. Some of them are covered in Rupees.
  • The Tower of Hera dungeon appears to be the same as in the demo (I stopped playing it in the middle).
  • East of Tower of Hera you can use the Hookshot to enter the top of the other mountain. However, you will be stopped by Lynels, which can easily kill you. Yes, this games uses enemies as a boundary.
  • The Desert is completely shut off. No way in there. It’s probably the opposite to ALttP, so have to get there from Lorule, I suppose.
  • The sparkling rocks from the GBA version of ALttP return. They drop Rupees, when you hit them.
  • There’s another new minidungeon next to the graveyard, similar to the one at Eastern Palace.
  • There’s a bottle to find with a message in it.
  • I was able to get 15 of 20 items. Probably missing two more bottles and the Sand Rod. Two remaining items are completely unknown at this point.

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