3DS XL Limited Packs announced for Japan – Orange X Black, Turquoise X Black

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October 23, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo has just revealed a pair of 3DS XL Limited Packs for Japan. Consumers will have two color variations to choose from: Orange X Black and Turquoise X Black.

Each is priced at 19,900 yen. The two systems will launch in Japan on November 28.


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  • Vorlik Blade

    November? that’s too bad. One glance at that picture and the only thought I had was Halloween 3DS

  • MrPokeyLope

    Can’t believe there are are over 50 different designs now. Nonetheless, still love my pop tart.

  • Thomas_NE

    Oh man that orange one is sexy.

  • Daisy Barnwell

    The blue is kinda meh but the orange one’s pretty sexy ;)

  • Jessenia Lopez

    no love for north america?

  • Orange User

    Why sell it only in Japan?! :(