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90’s Arcade Racer gets a new gameplay video

Posted on November 1, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in Videos, Wii U eShop

A new gameplay video for 90’s Arcade Racer has come online showing the latest progress with AI and functioning gameplay mechanics. Check it out below.

Today’s video originates from a new Kickstarter update, which you can find here. It shows off the various playable cars in the game.

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  • I just want to play this game. We need a release date

  • uPadWatcher

    This preview makes me wanna fly… SKY HIGH!!!!!!!

  • Stuart

    I had no idea this game was a Kickstarter project.

    How come you people only donate 16.000 dollars in this??? This deserved a mega budget! Jeez!

    • Felipe M.

      I don’t support Kickstarter projects (Indiegogo, or whatever) but when it’s out I’ll certainly buy it!

  • Steve793

    This looks really cool, and really good for an indie game! I’ll probably buy it for sure.

  • Felipe M.

    This game deserves a physical release! I’d so pre-order it!

  • Felipe M.

    Oh, my god! I really liked what I saw on the gameplay video and especially the drifting reminded me so much of Ridge Racer!

    This is gonna be a must buy. Also, I really hope it’ll have an online mode stuffed with players online because it’s what made Mario Kart 8 so great for me.

  • Segata

    JESUS! SHENMUE III FREAKING SHENMUE III will be out before this game! NOw I know why this is called 90s arcade racer. It’s been in development SINCE the 90s. My god release it already. Stop re-modeling street lights 17 times and stuff like that.

  • This game is looking better each time I see it, pretty pumped for it. ♥
    Between this and FAST, I’ll be happy with racers until F-Zero gets loving again.

    • Felipe M.

      Fingers crossed it’ll have tons of players online. ^_^

      • I know, right? I think there’s a chance it might though~.