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Another NBA 2K18 Switch vs. PS4 video comparison

Posted on September 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

A second video comparison has been published for NBA 2K18. We once again are able to see how the Switch version compares to the PlayStation 4 release. It’s a bit more helpful than the previous one we posted, as we have a split-screen view of the two for the full video. Watch the latest comparison below.

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    Good enough I suppose but I like the Switch better, blur like that in the audience doesn’t happen in real life (just makes it seem weird.)

    • Paddy Alfan

      Anything can happen in real life. Ask Hillary.

    • The blur helps simulate how our eyes focus on only a small portion of a scene, particularly when focusing on something up close. Hold your hand to your face and try and notice your peripheral vision. The blue is more realistic than an entire scene in sharp focus imho

      • Tlink7

        Until you try and look at the audience, then it isn’t more realistic

      • Pablo Almeida

        You’re confusing our eyes for cameras. The moment you look at the audience, the blur will go away. That doesn’t happen on the game. It’s simulating a movie, not our vision.

  • Reggie

    Lawl. People complaining that the Switch version “looks worse”, yet the crowds are all blurry in the PS4 version.

    • Letrico

      Depth of Field buddy.

      • Reggie

        Doesn’t matter.

        • Letrico

          Remain ignorant then.

          • Reggie


    • Padre

      I tried to focus on the audience, but it was still blur wtf? :O

  • MajoraMan28

    Honestly, I found this video to be a lot better for the Switch.
    However, we can see some of the elements have been cut (like camera flashes in the audience, and lower resolution models for the lights on the ceiling.

    The only thing that truly bothers me with this version of NBA is the framerate. It’s absolutely jarring to see the Switch run at a framerate like this. At 60fps we still see how these sports games try to simulate reality with nice looking models, but fail in execution with its goofy animations.
    Goofy animations at half the framerate, to me at least, is even more unsettling.

    The selling point though it’s that it’s a sports game with good looks that can be played on the go, with anyone.

  • Tomo910

    People should stop whinging about people saying the switch version looks worse. It will do, the switch looks incredibly close to the ps4 version. That and the fact it’s portable give the switch version it own reason to get it.

  • StuOhQ

    Fairly comparable to the fatter consoles. If the file size was less bloated or they put it on a 32GB cart, I’d probably be picking it up.

    • They promised a retail version for a future date…

      • Pablo Almeida

        What the person you’re responding to means is that they won’t put it in a big enough cart, so you’ll have to install the game to the SD card (needs one if you don’t have it) and download portions of the game that don’t come in the cart. All because they didn’t want to put it in a bigger cart.

  • Downgrade it to polygons for all I care, but do not compromise framerate.

  • Tarra Lawless

    I’m very glad that fans in the Switch version aren’t morons who use their camera flashes from that far away.