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Another Code Recollection graphics comparison

A new graphics comparison from GameXplain shows how the new Switch version of Another Code: Recollection stacks up to the DS original.

The comparison specifically focuses on the first entry in the series here. Everything is now fully 3D, and exploration segments are now fully third-person. Also, as we saw in the Nintendo Direct presentation, voice acting will be included. And while it’s not covered in this specific comparison, the Wii sequel will also be a part of the package – the first time it’s getting an official release in North America.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong graphics comparison

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is back on Switch with a remake of the original GBA game, and a new graphics comparison video shows how the two versions stack up. This comes courtesy of GameXplain.

Not only did the development team update the in-game visuals, but the cutscenes as well. Although gameplay thus far seems to be largely similar to the original, it’s clear by a quick glance just how much the graphics have changed for the new Switch version.

Luigi's Mansion 2 Switch 3DS graphics comparison

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for Switch is going head-to-head with the 3DS original as part of a new graphics comparison video, courtesy of GameXplain.

Simply boosting the resolution is an easy win for Switch given how limited the display was on Nintendo’s older portable. Apart from that though, we’re able to see that some assets have been touched up. But other areas of the game – notably models – are very comparable to the previous 3DS edition.

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door graphics comparison

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is returning on Switch next year, and a new graphics comparison video shows how it stacks up to the original.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Nintendo has updated some assets. Textures have been enhanced for the HD era. Geometry has increased as well, which is something you can notice with certain objects like the trees. It doesn’t end there though, as with animations, some are brand new while others were updated. Other adjustments are improvements relate to the lighting, 16:9 aspect ratio (instead of 4:3), and more.

Super Mario RPG graphics comparison

Super Mario RPG will be returning later this year with a remake fit for the game’s well-regarded reputation, and a new comparison video shows how much the graphics have been updated. GameXplain put together a video showing the Switch and SNES versions side by side.

Super Mario RPG seems to have new cutscenes, but that doesn’t mean the actual gameplay has been left by the wayside. There are plenty of improvements on that front as well, from completely redone character models to full environment overhauls. Super Mario RPG did come out on the SNES close to thirty years ago, so this sort of evolution is to be expected.

Pokemon Stadium Switch N64 comparison

With Pokemon Stadium now having joined Nintendo Switch Online, GameXplain has put together a comparison video to show how this version stacks up against the N64 original from a graphics perspective.

The Switch version, like other N64 titles on the platform, does run at a higher resolution. It may also look a little brighter in some cases.

Thanks to GameSpot, we have a new comparison video for Metroid Prime Remastered that has the Switch version going up against the GameCube original. Additionally, new gameplay has surfaced.

It’s clear that Retro Studios put quite a bit of work into Metroid Prime Remastered. Aside from an updated resolution, assets have been updated, lighting has been improved, and more.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass comparison wave 3

The Booster Course Pass Wave 3 DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has now been released, and we now have a graphics comparison video. GameXplain put together footage showing how the old courses compare to their brand new counterparts.

Booster Course Pass Wave 3 brings along two more cups. With the Rock Cup, we have London Loop (Tour), Boo Lake (GBA), Rock Rock Mountain (3DS), and Maple Treeway (Wii). The Moon Cup contains Berlin Byways (Tour), Peach Gardens (DS), Merry Mountain (Tour), and Rainbow Road (3DS).

Now that Sonic Frontiers has released, GameXplain has put together a new video comparing the visuals of the Switch PS5 versions of the game.

Obviously, the Switch version doesn’t perform as well as its next gen counterpart. Resolution is maxed out at 720p, and the framerate is capped at 30 FPS. Some textures and geometry also seem less detailed, and most noticeably, pop-in is far more common on the Switch version.

Alan Wake Remastered Switch vs Xbox One comparison

A graphics comparison video has come in for the new Switch version of Alan Wake Remastered, showing how the game stacks up to its Xbox One counterpart.

There are all sorts of changes that are apparent here, but the easiest aspects to discuss concerns frame rate and resolution. On Switch, a big talking point over the past week has revolved around drops in FPS. Alan Wake Remastered isn’t perfectly stable on Xbox One either, but Nintendo’s console seems to have some consistent dips that brings the action down to 20 FPS. It remains to be seen whether a patch will be offered in the future to improve performance.

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