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After initially appearing on PS4, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is now heading to Switch and other platforms in July. Check out a video comparing the two versions below.

One of the more surprising announcements from this week’s Nintendo Direct was the reveal of a Luigi’s Mansion remake for 3DS. If you’re interested in seeing how it stacks up to the GameCube original, check out the video below.

Direct-Feed Games has produced a video to show how the newly-released version of Outlast for Switch stacks up to the PlayStation 4 edition. You can watch it below.

Thanks to Nate Cool for the tip.

A new video from GameXplain compares the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Switch versions of Payday 2. We’re able to see how all three stack up in terms of loading, as well as their visuals. View the full comparison below.

With the new 1.0.2 update for Rime arriving on Switch today, we’re able to see just how improved the game is compared to its original release. Get a look at a comparison video comparing the two versions below.

Nintendo has just updated One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition for Switch which now allow you to use both left and right Joy-Cons for co-op play.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition launched for Switch last December in Japan. A western release has yet to be announced yet for the game.


Arowana Mall, a returning stage from the first Splatoon, joined Splatoon 2 last night. We’re now able to see how the stage compares in both titles. You can see a comparison video below.

Update 2: Bumped to the top. Original comparison has been added in below. We also have a video comparing Bayonetta 2 on Switch and Wii U. Nintendo World Report also clarifies in its reupload that the darker shade isn’t confirmed to be the game itself just yet as it could be due to the capture equipment.

Update: The video has been removed. We’ll bump this to the top if/when it returns.

Original: Nintendo World Report has put together a video comparing the original Bayonetta on Switch and Wii U. The game has a slightly darker tone on Switch, and also loads a bit faster. You can watch the full comparison below.

A new video from Digital Foundry examines the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders. We’re able to get a better idea regarding how the game holds up technically, and how it compares to the PlayStation 4 version.

Dragon Quest Builders runs at 720 when docked rather than going for a higher resolution. That’s because the developers were targeting 60 frames per second. Also, this allowed for much of the visual quality from the PlayStation 4 version to be preserved.

A new video has emerged comparing the new Switch version of Furi to the PlayStation 4 edition. Check it out below.

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