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Another round of Star Fox Zero details

Posted on June 18, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

– Star Fox Zero’s Corneria mission uses the same layout for Corneria City as Star Fox 64 with a new coat of paint
– Fly under a bridge to save Slippy, boost past falling buildings, and shoot construction robots throwing metal beams
– Control the Arwing with the left analog stick
– ZR: fire lasers
– Can hold down the button for a charge shot
– Y: Arwing does a somersault
– Moving the right analog stick activates boost
– Pulling the right analog stick back triggers the brakes
– Tapping the right stick left or right twice does a barrel roll
– Move the Wii U GamePad to control where the Arwing shoots
– GamePad’s screen shows what Fox sees inside the cockpit
– At the end of the Corneria mission, it switches to an all range mode
– When this happens, Fox needs to shoot spider-like robots from climbing a tower
– Robots are invulnerable aside from a red target on top
– Need to use the cockpit view to shoot down the enemies
– After the spider robots, the Star Fox team needed to shoot laser cannons from a giant saucer
– Another demo at E3 set in Area 3
– This stage brings Fox McCloud into an empty space field with enemies to shoot down in all range mode
– After taking out a few ships Pigma Dengar flies in and turns the stage into a dogfight
– Pigma tries to fly behind Fox to get him in firing range
– Using the somersault and then a charge beam turns the tables on Pigma
– Hold ZL to shift the camera on the TV to focus on the action instead of behind the Arwing


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