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Armature sharing Unreal Engine 4 Wii U code following Bloodstained’s launch

Posted on June 10, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Armature Studio is responsible for bringing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to Wii U. This means that the company will be working with Unreal Engine 4 in its port for Nintendo’s console. It’s a pretty big deal, as Bloodstained may end up as one of the first titles to be running on Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U.

Armature has now announced that, following Bloodstained’s launch, the team will share the Unreal Engine 4 code it’s using on Wii U. Other developers will be able to access this at no extra cost. Maybe it will pave the way for further Unreal Engine 4-made games on Wii U.

Armature wrote in a Bloodstained Kickstarter update:

“Hi Bloodstained backers – Armature here with another update. It turns out that a people have shown a ton of interest in our plan to port UE4 to the WiiU and PS Vita. Since they’re not officially supported platforms, it’s going to be a lot of work to get Bloodstained and UE4 on these platforms, but we are up to the challenge.

Since the community got these platforms off the ground, we figure that it’s best to let the community have them back when we’re done. As a result, after the release of Bloodstained we will share, for free, the UE4 WiiU and Vita code with any developer authorized to develop on those platforms! Thank you all very much for this opportunity!”


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  • slihm

    I like these kinds of people

  • Exy

    That’s nice of them. Hopefully it means a surge of games that were passed before gets ported to both systems, like how Unity games go to Wii U because it’s easy and cheap to port. Not to say that ports is what either system needs right now, but I hear there’s good stuff on it.

    • Well all games are just ports of PC code. When a console is closed development it means that their are instructions that have to be followed to get the port to work. For instance I can build a game using any engine and it will run on the PC just fine, but to get it to run on the WiiU, PS4 or XboxOne I would have to go through their list of standards and UI to get the game to work on that hardware. They may have a place where code for a certain render engine thing has to go or a place for instructions to get the game mechanics running on the hardware. That is the information a developer pays for when they want access to a development kit. Games are just rules and instructions within a graphics set world.

  • Good. Maybe Epic won’t skip optimization of their code for any hardware next go round and let stuff like Unity eat their lunch.

  • Locky Mavo

    Hopefully this means more games for WiiU.

    • Jon Turner

      Whether it does or doesn’t this is still a good move either way.

  • Operative

    By the time this releases we will probably either have a release date for the NX if not already have it. Wii U development will pretty much be nonexistant. BUT, this is really cool of them. I respect these developers for promising to get the engine on Wii U

    • Dimitur Gospodinov

      Enough with the stupid NX I`m so fed up hearing speculation about it I that at this point I allready hate it… I love my wii u its perfect I dont need the NX. I hope the NX turns out to be a freakin toaster or something.

      • Jack Red

        Dude, calm the heck down, People are just wanting the NX to help make Nintendo relevant again.

  • This is really, really good news.

    Armature does what Epic don’t.

  • paidenthusiast

    Bless your heart Armature Studios. These guys really want other 3rd party developers to make for the Wii U. Nintendo if you guys are reading this you really need to work these guys more often. They really care about us gamers

    • Jon Turner

      Yes indeed. And hopefully this will help thirds take notice. Even if it doesn’t, this is still a damn good move either way.

      • paidenthusiast

        It really is

        • Jon Turner

          Personally, I like to hope for the best no matter how dire things look, and if this works, then thirds may become inspired again for WiiU and/or Nintendo’s next hardware.

          • paidenthusiast

            Yeah I see what you’re saying. Games like Batman Arkham Knight and Kingdom Hearts 3 could now come to the Wii U, maybe even as special edition versions down the road

          • Jon Turner

            Yes, that’s exactly what I wanna see. But in the end, it’s up to the publisher to determine whether it’s a worthwhile gamble or not because so far third party titles haven’t done very well on WiiU. Not having this engine running on WiiU is one of the primary reasons. That Armature is taking the moves to do it is a very promising sign indeed.

  • sonicfan1373

    This is a good gesture. However, I am a bit skeptical, because the optimization of unsupported engines is very difficult (especially by smaller teams, who did not initially design the engine), and the end product (the game) might not end up running as well as intended.

  • Leonel

    Sounds nice of them but then again i have second thoughts. This game isn’t suppose to release untill 2017 and im thinking how much life doea thw wii u have because im pretty sure the nx will be revealed next year. We will see how this goes as time passes.

  • D2K

    Well, you have to take you hat off to them to take yet another excuse away from 3rd party abandonment.

  • R.D. Covenant

    Yay! That means people like me!

  • Guymelef

    This is good news! Though I doubt big studios will jump into porting their games to Wii U right away. Chances are smaller studios will take advantage of this more than the big ones.

  • Rex T.

    Just hope no delay issue on 2017 Mar. I had supported $100 as a backer to get a WiiU version. Hope Armature done a good job.