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Atooi talks low Chicken Wiggle sales, discount next week, no more 3DS games

Posted on September 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Mutant Mudds developer Atooi brought Chicken Wiggle to the 3DS eShop last month. Sadly, sales have not been strong thus far.

Atooi founder Jools Watsham discussed Chicken Wiggle’s sales in a new blog post. Below are a couple of excerpts:

First day sales were shockingly low. Worldwide sales for Chicken Wiggle on day one were about 10% of Xeodrifter’s day one sales in North America. Xeodrifter’s numbers dwarf Chicken Wiggle’s, but Xeodrifter’s numbers weren’t particularly impressive compared to what is considered a “success” on the 3DS eShop. Chicken Wiggle’s first day sales were so low, I thought there was an error in the sales report. Many of my developer friends thought the same when I shared the news. “That can’t be right!” echoed in my mind.

I gave it a few days to see if the report changed the next day or the next, hoping there was a delay in reporting and the real day one numbers would catch up. Sadly, the numbers never changed. It was indeed the real data. The next logical step was to hope that sales would increase the following days. Maybe the release day was just a slow day for sales? Nope. Less copies were sold on day two, and even less on day three. It continued to drop each day. As of September 8, the number of copies sold worldwide in 22 days is a little more than half of what Xeodrifter sold on its FIRST DAY in North America. Wow!

Watsham thinks that the 3DS eShop audience has potentially moved to Switch. Nintendo also didn’t promote Chicken Wiggle on the eShop, which may have played a role as well.

All of this means Chicken Wiggle will be going on sale next Thursday for a two week period. The game will be reduced from $14.99 to $9.99. In Europe, the sale will begin on September 21 with the same 33 percent discount.

Watsham ended his post by stating that Chicken Wiggle will be Atooi’s last 3DS game. Mutant Mudds and Treasurenauts will both be brought to Switch.

You can read the full blog post from Watsham here.

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  • Shonenfan

    Wasnt this game promoted in th european eshop? Maybe atooi needed to promote this game themeselves first. This game was also 15 bucks lol

  • Travis Touchdown

    No, Chicken Wiggle is just an incredibly stupid name of a game. It sounds unbelievably generic.

    Watch games like Pokémon and Samus Returns do really well.

    • Adrian Brown

      How is the name less stupid than “Shovel Knight”? I think the clue here is the time of release. Indie developers don’t earn as much money as they did 3 years ago, for instance. Princing is very important as well. For many people $15 maybe a high price, specially since you can get 1 or 2 year old big AAA games for that price or lower.

      I’ll give the game a go when it goes for sale. I hope it helps.

      • Tracy Bowersox

        It isn’t less stupid than “Shovel Knight.” It is more stupid.

    • awng782

      It’s almost as if Metroid and (especially) Pokemon are part of well established franchises that are major first party retail releases with the brunt of Nintendo’s marketing behind them.

      I’m not sure the name helped, but as Adrian points out, a name like “Shovel Knight” is similarly stupid, and that game became one of the biggest 2D-sidescroller indie sensations in recent memory.

      Chicken Wiggle was released on the wrong platform on the wrong time, and possibly has a dumb name as well.

      • Mark

        “Shovel Knight” isn’t equally stupid; it communicates in two words the main points of the game: action and absurd humor. The main title splash and advertising graphic, also, communicate this with an action pose, an absurdly large horned helmet, and a shovel being held as if it was a deadly sword. It’s very intelligent.

        Compare that to Chicken Wiggle, sounds just like a combination of “Chicken Little” and “The Wiggles,” which has a goofy-looking fat chick with an equally goofy worm

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      Are you comparing an indie to Pokémon and Metroid????

  • DonSerrot

    I’m pretty sure the comment about people moving to the Switch is spot on. Personally speaking, I’m done with getting new 3DS games. The 3DS was a great handheld but it’s time is over and I’m full steam ahead with the Switch.

    Aside from that though, from the trailer I saw a while back I remember not being terribly impressed. I’m sure it’s a good game it just didn’t really seem all that interesting to me. If it had been on the Switch it probably would have been one of those games I’d have thought about just for the sake of getting a new game for the console and to get an idea of if it might be something to suggest to my sister for my nephew to play on their Switch, but on the 3DS? I have plenty of unfinished games for the 3DS that interest me way more than this and I’d rather spend my money encouraging devs to make Switch games instead.

    The 3DS had a fantastic run, now it’s time to let it fade gracefully.

    • Advance*

      Yeah I personally haven’t touched my 3DS since I got a Switch on launch day. The 3DS was great for years but if I’m going to have an opportunity to play handheld, it’ll always be the Switch from now on. Not that I would have purchased this game anyway, but there have been at least 3-4 games that I probably would have ended up buying pre-Switch.

      • DonSerrot

        I know pre-Switch I would have gotten Monster Hunter Stories in a heartbeat, now I’m kinda sad to say I most likely won’t be getting it. Same thing with Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. If they were Switch games or had released last year it’d be a no brainer but now it’s a little too late for me. I’d hate for devs to think there isn’t an interest from Nintendo gamers in their games, but right now the best place for their games is the Switch both for the people who have one now and those who will be getting one this holiday season. People are eating up just about any game they can get for the Switch and I bet there will be a lot of people downloading smaller titles on Christmas day to go with whatever physical games they get.

        • Adrian Brown

          I assume you won’t be playing Samus Returns then.

          • DonSerrot

            As someone who’s never really been able to get into the Metroid series in general (and not from a lack of trying) it was nothing more than a “good for the fans of that series” thing to me. Same with Metroid Prime 4. The only games with Samus in them that I’ve really enjoyed playing have had “Smash” somewhere in the title.

          • Adrian Brown

            Fair enough!

        • R.Z.

          I can relate.
          My 3DS stays in use because I’m irremediably an pathetically addicted to Pokémon Shuffle, but I can’t bring myself to keep playing “real games” on it anymore, even ones that I have some interest in (actually Pokémon Shuffle makes that worse since it’s a game that is ideally picked up every two hours or so for a quick play and ideally stays on while the 3DS is in sleep mode becoming a Shuffle machine and little else).

          So everytime I see a series that I love getting a new 3DS entry it feels like such a waste. I still buy some games halfheartedly thinking that maybe I will get to play them sometime and because I want to support them, but I know I’m being delusional.

          • jimmy

            So you see a game you want but won’t buy it because it’s not on the Switch, that really makes no sense, you see a game get it, nothing is stopping you

          • R.Z.

            It has to do with how I play handheld games. Basically I usually have little time for extended play sessions so I pause all the time, sometimes for hours.
            It has just gotten a lot more convenient to play ‘big games” on Switch rather than on 3DS because of that Pokémon Shuffle thing.
            And it’s just unpleasant to still use the old toy when you have a brand new one, the excitment just isn’t there anymore.

            Plus i still have the regular 3DS, newer games perform badly on it and there’s no way I’m upgrading to New3DS at the very end of the 3DS lifespan.

            Lastly if you read my thing, I do get some games, especially the ones I really want. I just end up not playing them.

        • jimmy

          Why would you not get MHS? That really doesn’t make sense, it’s not like the games being released in the Switch

  • Bart

    I don’t know what this game is about but just from that artwork I was thinking this was a 5€ game… This is the first time I can remember hearing of this game actually, if I had known it was by the Mutant Mudds guy I might have given it a second look…

  • Mark

    No, because a name like “Chicken Wiggle”, starring a cartoon chicken and worm and looking like so much shovelware, couldn’t POSSIBLY sell lower than a fast-paced space-themed shooter in the style of Metroid. That’s just incomprehensible. It must be the system, folks. Blame Nintendo.

    I swear. They re-skin the game, make it star some sort of Indiana Jones-type with a whip or a Bionic Commando-style hero with a grapple arm, and it does ten times as well. Gameplay looked awesome. But the art style and name just seems like it’s aimed at the under-six crowd.

    … and before I receive a ton of hate, this is a die-hard Nintendo player who hates games featuring graphic violence and hasn’t purchased a non-Nintendo system since his 360 in 2009. This isn’t “Nintendo games are kiddy!” speaking, this is just marketing sense.

    • Reiianuo

      I think it’s a number of things, but for the most part I think it’s a lack of self awareness from this developer. I think he’s overestimating his brand, as the guy who made Mutant Mudds (Even though he had to change his company name, losing any recognition from the Renegade Kid moniker), thinking he can put up this stylized game and people who were fans of his earlier stuff would immediately pick up on it.

      • Mark

        I agree. It’s been five years, a team change, name change, and company split. There’s no brand recognition there at all other than the complete hardcore die-hard Nintendo fans who scour sites like this that accrue every piece of Nintendo news that exists out there. And yes, Mutant Mudds sold well, but that was in the beginning of the 3DS’ lifespan. It’s a whole new world, man.

  • i thought this game was shovelware

    • Mark

      Nah, it’s just pretending to be shovelware. Which is an interesting strategy for selling a game.

  • Ardisan

    The game didn’t look bad but I had a lot of games on my plate, to play and to buy. Heard it was like a better Mario Maker 3DS.

  • DiscoGentleman

    It’s a game easily mistaken for shovelware, and it cost $15USD.

    This guy is definitely unaware of his own product.

  • Roto Prime

    This is a phone game as well(I think), price must be cheaper there maybe?

    • BarryDunne

      It’s not a phone game. Never was

      • Clearly this game’s name and icon so resemble crappy smartphone games that Roto here not only unconsciously assumed it couldn’t be anything else, but believed it to exist.

  • nekoknight

    I would buy this game if it was on the Switch.

  • R.Z.

    I really like Jools Watsham and his games, and would have probably picked that up had I not “switched”.
    I’m not getting any more games on 3DS e-shop though, I know I won’t play them so there’s no use.
    It’s time to make the jump Jools, no matter what Nintendo is trying to make people think the 3DS’ days are counted.

  • Darkamlight

    Its 15 bucks. That talks for itself.

  • Vadim Dzhantyurin

    In russian eShop it is more expensive than Sonic Mania. And even with this 33% it will cost more than SM.

    And he blame platform and audience.
    It’s just ridiculous.

  • Tjnswitch

    i’d have to been cracked out on some drugs to even give this a shot…….at the point i’m sure it would be so bad its funny !!!

  • You got to be joking if you think everyone is moving to the switch. I’m not going to get one and I had every Nintendo console. It’s a waste of money. This game is just expensive.

  • Pachirisu

    i think the mistake was pricing it at $15
    yeah it’s full of content, but the gameplay is quite simple and generic platforming tbh

  • Matt Price

    Could just be that people don’t want the game because it’s no good.