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Boxed Pokemon Gold/Silver 3DS Virtual Console pre-orders open on Amazon UK

Posted on September 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Amazon UK has started taking pre-orders for the boxed versions of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on the 3DS Virtual Console. Gold is up here. You can nab the Silver version here.

Note that these technically aren’t physical releases. You’ll receive the boxes, but a download code is included inside.

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  • Lumine

    I just pre-ordered the Boxed copy of Pokemon Silver version on Amazon.

    • Tjnswitch

      the Silver looks cool !

      • CarolKHendricks

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  • Blake Good

    Can anyone tell me why Crystal isn’t coming to the 3DS Virtual Console, alongside Gold and Silver, when Yellow was released alongside Red and Blue?

    • Devlind

      Can’t really say.

      • Blake Good

        Is it because the Japanese version had a feature where you used a mobile phone to trade and battle Pokemon? Maybe the VC version of Crystal will allow you to battle and trade with anyone worldwide. That would be awesome! G/S would lack this feature, just like R/B/Y did. But Crystal could allow trading, similar to the GTS feature.

        • Devlind

          I’ve read that too, but I doubt that would be the case. With Gamefreak, it’s usually better to not get your hopes to high.

    • Carlos

      They could be releasing it later.

    • Jesiah Grant

      Because money, why release the more complete 3rd version when they could sell the two separate versions instead and people will bite…same thing happened with the Hoenn remakes releasing 2 games instead of emerald and again with sun and moon sequels instead of a 3rd version.

      • Blake Good

        Remakes are an exception. All of the gen remakes always had only two versions. Not releasing Crystal on the 3DS VC makes as much sense as not releasing Pokemon Z/X2/Y2.

        • Jesiah Grant

          I find it annoying that they never make a crystal or emerald remake heck even 3rd version of black and white instead of sequels and now instead of a third definitive version of sun and moon we are getting two sequels…alas I skipped on sun and moon, so ill probs pick up one of the ultra ones instead. Omega ruby was killer but my fav is still soul silver

    • Jack Red

      Maybe it has to do with Yellow being the Pikachu edition of Red/Blue. It was meant to slightly emulate stuff from the first anime.

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  • Devlind

    Aw man… I would love to have this in America.