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Dragon Quest X details

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– Create their character as one of five races
– Races: Ogre, Elf, Dwarf, Pukuripo, and Wedi
– Sixth race: humans
– Create your character from one of the five races
– Humans play a big role in the story
– Solve a mystery involving the human world
– Jump magazine: “Has something happened in the world of humans?”
– Each continent in the game correspond to one of the five races
– Five areas surround a mysterious area where something seems to be amiss
– Screenshots and art shown in Jump preview


Although Dragon Quest X won’t be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week, Square Enix will be bringing a video to the show. The game’s official site did not say if the footage will be of the already-released trailer. Square Enix may also provide some information on Dragon Quest X’s beta program.


There’s no question that Dragon Quest X has been in the works for several years. Square Enix announced the title back in 2008, but development must have started before then.

As it turns out, Square Enix has been making the game for much longer than originally thought. According to an ex-Square Enix employee, its development has already passed the six year mark.

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!


Square Enix’s support Q&A page has confirmed what most had already assumed: Dragon Quest X will indeed have subscription fees. Along with purchasing the game itself, players will need to spend some extra cash to continue playing online. The page doesn’t elaborate on pricing or any other details.


Yes, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata did indeed make an appearance at the conference!

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Dragon Quest X news roundup

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Today is Labor Day in the United States, so news has been light aside from information/media for one Japanese game in particular: Dragon Quest X.

If you somehow missed out on the conference updates throughout the day, well, it probably goes without saying that you missed a ton of content. Here are all of the Dragon Quest X stories that have been posted thus far:

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Square Enix unveils Dragon Quest X

It isn’t entirely clear how the majority of Japanese gamers feel about Dragon Quest X, but to say the least, it probably wasn’t what most people had expected. In fact, some fans have already voiced their displeasure over the fact that the title will be a MMO.

So here comes Smash Bros. creator/Kid Icarus: Uprising designer Masahiro Sakurai to the rescue! Sakurai seems to be in favor of Square Enix’s approach, saying the following on Twitter:

“After hearing that it’s online, the number of people who say the classic style Dragon Quest would be better is probably not low. However, in a game industry where evolution and sudden changes are tolerated, even considered expected, just treading the same path would be be troubling. It’s being made by people who’ve made sound titles in the past, so I’m greatly looking forward to it.”


More Dragon Quest X details

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A few more details from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest conference are now available. You can find a ton of information here and watch in-game footage here and here

– Five continents of Astordia: the mesa-like Ogrelead, Eldona, a mountainous region called Dwachakka, Pukuland, and an island area Wena
– Ogres are known for their strength and courage
– Wedi (the blue water-like creatures) express themselves with songs of love
– Elves honor nature
– Dwarves value craftsmanship and wealth
– Pukuripos live to dream and laugh
– Travel with up to three characters
– Game doesn’t have a transition to a battle screen
– A monster’s name changes color as its takes damage
– Can leave your character at a bar when you log out
– Alchemy: enhance weapons/armor with special effects
– Sewing: make a template for equipment


If you’d like to play all of Dragon Quest X, you’ll need an Internet connection. According to a Square Enix support page, “It’s possible to play offline for the first few hours after the start of the game. However, to play all elements of the game, an internet connection is required.”

Even though an Internet connection is required, the game’s producer did say earlier today that players will be able to tackle the game on their own.