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Machete Brawl reborn as “Holobunnies”

logo (3) Posted 19 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

We provided a first look at Machete Brawl – a new title from q-bit games and Sleepy Sheepy – back in April. Since then, q-bit says “a lot of things happened”. That has resulted in Machete Brawl’s death, though the project has been reborn as “Holobunnies”.

What was planned for Machete Brawl will now be included in Holobunnies as a multiplayer mode. Here’s a brief overview of the new game:

Holobunnies is a side-scrolling exploration-based action game set in the wonderful and bizarre depths of PANDEMONIUM! You’ll be playing as one of the four fluffy Holobunnies ; Danielle the witch, Leenox the hunter, Mephisto the ninja and Roméo the bard – each with their unique abilities. You will travel the caverns by jumping, running, and jetpacking through enemies and hidden treasures to find who or what stole Holobunnies’ favorite creatures’ eyes – the Machetes.

A Kickstarter for Holobunnies will go live this Saturday. If the goal isn’t met, the project was still be made – just “at a slower pace, and with less features.” You can rest easy knowing that Holobunnies will come out at some point in the future!


Tetrobot and Co. hitting the North American Wii U eShop next Thursday as well

Posted 23 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Tetrobot and Co. isn’t just launching in Europe next week. On Twitter, publisher Neko Entertainment announced that the game will arrive in North America at the same time. It’s slated for October 30 in both territories.