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Club Nintendo promotion confirmed: register a 3DS and 1 of 6 games, get Pokemon X/Y for free

Posted on February 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Videos

Nintendo has officially confirmed the recently leaked Pokemon X/Y promotion for Club Nintendo.

Those who register any 3DS – including the original model – as well as one of six eligible games can receive either version for free. The offer is valid for the entire month of March in both the US and Canada.

You can find a video outlining the promotion above. An official page is located here.

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  • ecoutercavalier

    Does this apply to people who have already registered?

    • Carlos

      Nope. If you click on the link and click on the faq’s link it says:

      “This promotion begins on 3/1/14. Products registered prior to this date do not qualify for this promotion.”

      • Jumwa

        That’s quite a shame. When practical you should always give special attention to your loyal customers when handing out freebies to new ones.

        • Carlos


          I would’ve ended up with three copies of the games so personally it won’t affect me. But it still would’ve been nice.

  • Danny Fenton

    how about the UK?

    • Tom

      Yeah, feeling very left out here. Missed our promotion earlier in the year as well (only having recently got a 3DS).

  • elreins

    How about México!!!!!!! damn. I don’t wanna miss out anymore!!!!

  • Chuck Rich

    I bought a 3DS in December. I have it linked to Club Nintendo through
    my NNID but haven’t registered it. Does anybody know if that would stop
    me from getting in on this?

    • Carlos

      If you haven’t physically registered the number to Club Nintendo you should be fine.

  • TalesOfBS

    >US and Canada.
    Why do they still call that Nintendo of AMERICA? We have 35 countries in this continent, not 2.

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