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Disgaea 5 Complete retains trophies from PS4 version

Posted on May 26, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Disgaea 5 was originally developed for the PlayStation 4. Now that it’s made the jump to Switch in the form of Disgaea 5 Complete, the game’s trophies remain in place.

Above is a screenshot of one trophy you can earn in Disgaea 5 Complete. It pretty much nails the same notification that comes up on PS4 when you earn any trophy on the console. Since Switch lacks system-wide trophies, the ones in Disgaea 5 Complete has one NPC keeping track of them all.


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  • Adrian Brown

    That’s… bizarre.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Why can’t Nintendo implement a decade old feature?

    • TDude73

      Because they don’t, dudebro.

      • Rick Sanchez

        2012 called, it wants its buzzword back

    • KnightWonder

      Because trophies are literally pointless. All they do is allow you to stroke your own e-pen.

      • Rick Sanchez

        Yeah and implementing it would definitely kill the company, right?

      • Adrian Brown

        I know trophies per se are pointless, but a good trophy list can make you experience the game in ways you’ve never imagined. A friend of mine is a fan of Shadow of the Colossus, he played it, beat it once and it was it. I, on the other hand, finished it like four times in order to get the platinum trophy, and got more of the game than he did by discovering tricks, weapons and locations that he completely missed.

    • R.Z.

      Why would they though ?

      • Rick Sanchez

        Because most gamers like it?

        • Bap

          Nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares about your gamerscore, trophies or how much achievements you unlocked in a steam game.

          • Rick Sanchez

            Opinion, not fact.

          • Bap

            Everyone but you.


    • Zeebor

      Most of Nintendo’s developers find them redundant in most cases because most Nintendo games are built around collecting stuff to begin with. See: Yoshi as the prime example of this mentality.

      MonolithSoft uses them in Xenoblade, buts that’s only because they really wanna be Fallout.

  • It’s so weird, but on the other hand, I kinda like it. I like that they figured out a way to have a Trophy-style pop-up in-game that’s tracked by an NPC. If Nintendo won’t do it, find a way.

    • SpaceLud35

      Nothing has ever stopped a developer from keeping track of achievements in game. Monster Hunter has a guild card, Mario Kart Wii had the license, Shovel Knight tells you which achievements you’ve done. If developer’s choice if they want to implement a system. Microsoft and Sony make it a requirement.

      Incidentally, Monster Hunter’s guild card serves not only for bragging purposes but also allows your friend to use your hunter in other various in-game ways. This is more useful/valuable than just a trophy popping up and actually gives people a reason to interact meaningfully.

  • Bart

    That’s what I always thought, developers can just include achievements ingame if they really want to, no need for it to be a system-wide thing, it makes more sense and is more fun like this anyway.

    • KnightWonder

      It would make more sense in game, so long as you can get stuff for them.

    • The only thing that it doesn’t do is accumulate a score of any kind with other games and can’t be shown off as easily. Trophies are essentially an ego rub…but I like that about them.

      • Bart

        Hmm well to each his own and all that, I don’t like them, or I’m indifferent to them at best, they started to make games feel like work after a while, so I just started ignoring them.

      • Edwinajcorwin

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  • TDude73

    Greatness Awaits… now on Nintendo Switch!!!!!

  • Blanco8x8

    PS4 Trophies on Nintendo Switch?


  • Tlink7

    Alright. I really don’t care about ”achievements” though.

  • Fernando Silva

    Trophies confirmed on Switch.

  • Exodecai

    I really hope there is an achievement/trophy system in the future… mainly for the older games on the future Virtual Console. I really don’t have a reason to play Super Mario World for example on the Switch when I already own it on other systems…. but if they added achievement/trophy support… it may give me a reason to pick it up.

  • Ray01X

    I couldn’t give less of a damn about achievements, personally. Unless they’re in game because that usually means they unlock stuff.

    System wide achievements do nothing but stroke your ego which is pointless to me.

  • Jacob Groves

    Funny I knew. But I have sort feels Nintendo might bringing achievements / trophies system this Fall / Autumn part of paid online service for Switch. 😛

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