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Dragon Ball Fusions’ big update confirmed for February 13 in North America

Posted on February 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Bandai Namco previously announced that a big Dragon Ball Fusions update is planned for February 17 in Europe. A release date of February 13 has now been confirmed for North America.

Dragon Ball Fusions’ update adds in online battles, an online special moves trading function, new characters, new fusion possibilities, and more.

Here’s a rundown of upcoming content:

New Characters:

  • Future Trunks 
  • Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Trunks
  • SSGSS Vegito
  • Zamasu
  • Fused Zamasu

New Clothing (Purchase-able at Clothing Shop by paying Energies)

  • Future Trunks Clothes
  • Goku Black’s Clothes
  • Zamasu’s Clothes?After recruiting Fused Zamasu?
  • Fused Zamasu’s Clothes?After recruiting Zamasu?

New Titles

  • Unyielding Spirit
  • Savior
  • Conqueror of Gods

Special Moves (via Special Move Machine)

  • Black Kamehameha 
  • Light Sword
  • Divine Wrath
  • Final Kamehameha


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  • Felipe M.

    Hopefully this means Trunks will get his sword back.

    • César Tribst

      Yeah, I hope that too, but you know what is funny? I saw one article about the removing of Trunks sword and one or another complaint, but the clothing changes on Tokyo Mirage was talked all the time, with lots of people angry about the “censorship”, the ” disrespect” with the original vision of the artist, saying that they will not buy the game because of that and all kinds of threats. Where is that people now?

      • Felipe M.

        People have double-standards and will only protest when it’s in their interest.

        “Dragon Ball ZeeeZZee has some censorship? Who cares! It’s Dragon Ball.”

      • Operative

        Well one was a highly anticipated crossover starring one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises with the JRPG popularity that is Atlus.

        This is a small 3rd party game that not many people were anticipating.

        The bigger the audience, the more a product will be scrutinized. That’s really about it.

    • Janmbernal

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