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Dragon Ball: Project Fusion features an original main character

Posted on February 18, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Images, News

A few new details about Dragon Ball: Project Fusion have emerged from this week’s issue of Jump. Primarily, we have news about the characters.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion features your own main character. However, it’s unknown if you can really modify him similar to the series’ last release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Jump mentions that you’ll be the one doing the adventuring, and you’ll meet with legendary fighters.

We also get a first look at a brand new character called Pinijji. Jump doesn’t say who he is or what his role is.


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  • RickyWill

    Now I can add my super egdy OC with level 800 super sayian form, Vegeta’s long lost sister’s uncle’s grandfather’s nephew from a parallel universe’s dimension.

  • Bap

    I forgot his name but DB’s artist is well known for same face. If they don’t look like goku or gohan, they look like vegeta.

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