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EA was once planning a Pokemon competitor for DS

Posted on September 14, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

EA once had plans to create a Pokemon competitor for DS, according to Nic Watt. Watt is currently at Nnooo, but previously worked at EA as a creative director.

In a recent episode of the GameHugs podcast, Watt stated:

“Working with EA was a completely different experience [to working with a small studio] as we had the longest prototyping period I’ve had for any game I’ve worked on: it was amazing. EA wanted this game where the idea and it was going to be their Pokémon game. They didn’t have an RPG in the handheld space and they really wanted one. We did a lot of paper-based prototyping for the battle mechanics and even made a whole card game. Then we got the people from Criterion – who worked on Burnout and with the studio – in [to test it]. That’s the good thing when you have a company of 300 people, you can just ask ‘do you guys want to come in and play our game for the afternoon.’ The team did find it hard because the prototyping was so long, and a lot of things got reset from time to time. But by the time I left, it still had not hit full production and I know that was really tough for a lot of people.”

Even though EA put quite a number of development resources into the mystery project, it never saw the day of light. It’d be interesting to see what it looks like!


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  • Blanco8x8

    EA Games

    “Copy Everything”

  • awng781

    A Pokemon competitor by EA would have failed miserably.

    The only living Pokemon competitor our on market today is Yokai Watch, and even that franchise had experienced a notable dip in popularity over the last few months.

    • Exy

      A better example is Digimon, which is still around to this day and probably only due to the cartoon.

      • Kateshi

        Well, that’s a common joke, Pokémon have better games, but Digimon have better animated series.

        • Exy

          I think the cartoon was so memorable because it pushed the boundaries of its time. Leomon’s death was the most devastating thing of the 90s.

          • Kateshi

            Along with Zordon’s death. The 90’s was an era where was still strange to see a death on a non-adult TV show.

          • SM

            WHich Leomon death is you referring to, his death is a running theme in the series lol

          • Exy

            Oh yeah, forgot about that. The one that subjected Juri to extreme psychological stress not usually seen in children’s cartoons.

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      Meanwhile, the Yokai Watch anime is beating the Pokemon anime to the curb in viewership ratings, making some Pokemon fans concerned.

      • AquaBat

        We all know the Pokemon anime is garbage, I’d hardly be concerned about ratings for that nonsense
        I think he’s focusing on the games specifically, the Yokai Watch games have seen minimal success in the West compared to the multimillion-dollar success of the Pokemon games
        And all the success Yokai Watch Wibble-Wobble received on mobile was instantly erased by the record-shattering Pokemon Go launch

        • awng781

          Forget about the West. Even in Japan, the Yokai Watch games have seen a notable dip in popularity. In Japan, Pokemon Sun/Moon will exceed Yokai Watch 3’s lifetime sales during its launch.

          If Yokai Watch is doing less- than-stellar even with the attention that L5 gives the franchise, imagine how disastrously an EA Pokemon competitor would do.

        • Pinkie-Dawn

          You’ve seen the XY anime though? It’s pretty good after the disappointing BW anime. Shadao, who you may be remember having a debate with, posted this:


          And yet despite all the things it’s doing right, it’s still losing to Yokai Watch in viewership ratings. And with the revealed plot summary for the SM anime, followed by the Rotom dex appearing both the anime and games, the fans think both the games and the anime is desparately trying to win back its younger viewers from Yokai Watch.

      • awng781

        I was talking strictly games.

  • theFooFighter

    Good thing the DS didn’t support dlc because collectable monsters + EA screams money sink

  • I think that could actually have been a good game. sad it didn’t end up happening. nothing wrong with a little competition!

    • Burning Gravity

      +1 for somewhat-positive/not-spiteful comment

    • Jewelwriter Moonstar

      Surely we all want competition to make a better system and game. The worry I got is if it can stand on it’s own and not make a bad name for itself. If something can pull that off then I’d be happy to see more to shake things up.

  • Mitt_Romney_2012

    I never saw the day of light either, damn…