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Ex Criterion dev on F-Zero Wii U game – talks weren’t serious, not keen on handling someone else’s IP

Posted on June 24, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Yesterday, some news emerged about a potential F-Zero game for Wii U. Nintendo of Europe asked Criterion to work on a pitch for a new entry in the franchise for Nintendo’s console back in 2011, but the studio declined since it was busy bringing Need for Speed: Most Wanted to a number of platforms.

Alex Ward, who was formerly with Criterion, commented on the situation via Twitter yesterday. It seems that talks weren’t far along, which would make sense based on yesterday’s initial report). Ward also indicated that he personally isn’t interested in working on someone else’s IP.


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  • Tylos

    Well alright then guy. Do as you want. Your loss.

    I guess also our loss.

    • D2K

      It’s not a loss when someone isn’t interested. You cannot flourish artistically when you aren’t interested in the material.

      • Tylos

        That may be true, or he may just be saying that after the fact due to making a mistake he is maybe not happy he made. Or he’s telling the truth. And then you’re right though it is still kind of a loss because we ended up not getting an F-Zero game. Some of my friends and I consider that a loss hence “our loss,” since it doesn’t mean everyone anymore but at least a few of us.

  • José Pedrero

    He sounds like fun.

    • Annie

      He obviously doesn’t like Nintendo so it was for the best (for us and Nintendo) because with no interest and dislike towards Nintendo and its IPs, his take on F-Zero would have been pretty mediocre and wouldn’t live up to the other games in the series like F-Zero X and GX

  • Kazu

    We get it, all he cared about was their games only. Judging by these responses, i dont think he would be able to give F-Zero some decent love anyway. He doesnt sound like he was interested at all. Although i would like to see a new F-Zero happen sometime soon, i would rather prefer it happen under the hands of people that enjoy their work, and show it with a smile, like Miyamoto. This one though, sounds boring.

    By the way, “talks werent serious” and “it was just an email, nothing more serious” are two different things, writer.

  • Exposer

    This is the panorama, dude, your studio is done, you are an indie now and Nintendo have money, you lose a chance, just look at Platinum games, they were cool, but they worked with Nintendo and now EVERYONE wants to co develop with them: Nier, Star Fox, Transformers…Any question?

  • errantrazor

    looking at their history, that’s probably the kind of snotty attitude that’s probably basically put them out of business.

  • Snackster1001

    Probably just salty it didn’t come to fruition. Judging at what happened to criterion after this email, I can see why

  • Kangaroo

    Well he did work for an EA subsidiary…

  • esoteric101

    Right, because working on EA Need for Speed: Most Wanted was not working on another companies IP? Just say you weren’t interested in working on another racing game, don’t make lame excuses. It’s better to have someone work on a game because they generally want to make the game. That being said, good job on NFS:MW. Probably the only decent port that made its way to the Wii U.

    • D2K

      That was an excellent port.

    • TheHaydenator

      Lame excuses rofl. Critereon are an EA owned dev.

      • esoteric101

        Yep lame excuse, even if from a subsidiary. EA still holds the rights, and we know how well Ninty works with EA!

  • AquaBat

    People are complaining about this? If a studio isn’t interested in making something, they’re not forced to do it. It’s not “their loss”, either. Would you rather make a million dollars doing something you don’t want to do, or a thousand dollars on something you were interested in and willing to put in the time and effort into doing well?

    • Advance*

      That’s exactly why people are complaining though, because they weren’t interested. A lot of people have wanted a new F-Zero for years and it sucks to know it would have been possible if these people were on board.

  • windstar

    I’m not really into racing games but I’d love to see an F-Zero Warriors or Bayonetta-styled brawler with F-Zero characters. They all look like really cool action heroes.

    • Locky Mavo

      Well Cpt. Falcon IS a bounty-hunter, so there’s a slight possibility for a spinoff game maybe, but I’d personally still would prefer a proper F-Zero racing game first.

  • windstar

    I’m not really into racing games but I’d love to see an F-Zero Warriors or Bayonetta-styled brawler with F-Zero characters. They all look like really cool action heroes.

  • Scissors

    I appreciate the honesty. If they weren’t interested than it was for the best.

  • Locky Mavo

    It’s for the best, I’d love to see a new F-Zero, but I’d rather it be made by someone who knows and wants to make a F-Zero game. Especially after how NFS:MW turned out.

    Though I gotta say, hearing an EA studio talk about “fun” is just weird, “no interested” I can believe from them, but “not fun” as a reason, from an EA studio? Yeah nah.